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Phil Lowe

It never ends...

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Sorry to hear that @Phil Lowe I know partly what you are going through, I just got divorced today. Broke my heart...

But life is a journey and we got to take it with its ups and downs. I wish you a speedy recovery and stay positive!

All my best wishes to you!


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Sorry to hear that too, Phil.  It's important to allow yourself time to mourn the loss, to grieve, yes...and then begin to embrace life and love anew. 

When my brother who I was very close with died, I was beyond consolable.  I was in that dark, forlorn place.  Then I began noticing new "brothers" coming into my life.  I listened, to God or whatever this mysterious force is that works in mysterious ways, and welcomed them in to my life, my soul.  Now I have a lot of new "brothers" and am happier!

The only way to cure a loss is with a gain.  No doggie will be exactly like your beloved Max, but I see a new German Shepherd puppy in your future-!

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