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Rose Marinelli

Not accepting data

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Yep. Me, too, over the last several days. I click the submit button and I'm told to write a description even though one is already in place. Same thing for category. An uploaded image only appeared on the submit page 24 hours after uploading it! How can SS be acruing 1 1/2 million images a week when you can't even upload one?

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hi Rose I had this earlier today it kept saying needs Description even though I  had typed it in so I highlighted the text and copied it then deleted what was in my description box and pasted the original text back in and then they seemed to submit okay except for one that did eventually as I had the same 'nothing to submit' warning. When this happens I go to the Approved list and click then go back to the submit list and then it has disappeared. Today though never showed in pending for a few hours but was reviewed eventually today which was faster than usual...hope this helps best Matylda

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