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Milestone - CAUTION! Some bragging included. ;)

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This past weekend, my best selling vector smoothly closed in on a total of $20,000. :)
That's quite an amount for one single file - and although Shutterstock's official list of their 100 top performing images doesn't exist anymore, I'm almost sure it would (still) be on it. 
Therefore I think it's just about time for a big "thank you": 
To Shutterstock as a company, but also to all the nice and generous people I had the pleasure to meet along my way (both here in Germany and in NY). In order to name just a few of them: Jon, of course, but also Scott Braut, Anthony Correia, Meagan Kirkpatrick and - last but definitely not least - Joshua Black, who will always be a dear friend. :)
Thanks to all my fellow colleagues as well - for your friendship, support, honesty and a lot of great conversations. You guys really rock! 


top performer_Shutterstock.jpg

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Extremely proud of you and honored to be part of this with you. Scott was a good friend also along with Anthony who was a real forum Guy and helped, They told the truth. I have no idea what these new folks do. They write a Line then gone for 3 Months..... .They took away My best sellers in a click after years for some unknown reason.just like they took away my referrals that was never supposed to happen. Good for you.

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Awww, thanks everyone! :)
@Laurin: I've always felt honored to be part of this with YOU instead! I used to read your advices long before I even *dared* commenting on the forums.
@lovemydesigns: I knew someone would ask. *g From today's point of view it isn't "spectacular" by any means, though. Back then, there were still a lot of niches (real ones!) to be covered, as vectors were comparatively new to microstock. I was simply in the right place at the right time. 
@Diana: VICE VERSA! Each time I come across your work somewhere, I instantly know it's yours. I absolutely love your concepts, your colors, everything - that's perfection! :)
@zsooofija: Those were the days! I still miss the old illustrators forum ...

Thanks again, guys! :wub:

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@AKaiser Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment! :)

Thank you for sharing this milestone with us and for posting this lovely message.

The group of people you mentioned were indeed the best. I remember when you visited the New York office couple of years ago and I had the pleasure meeting you in person.

Me, Anthony and few other people from the team took you out for lunch and we had a wonderful time sharing stories, getting to know a little bit about you, and your sources of inspiration. Great times!!

I am a big fan of your work, and super happy to see how your Shutterstock collection evolved throughout the years. 

Keep doing awesome stuff! :)




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Alex! Thank you so much for your nice compliments! New York was such a wonderful, exciting and inspiring experience - I still remember each single minute of my stay. Great times, indeed - and fun ones! :) 

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