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Patrick Cooper

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Thanks, Patrick!  He sure did and he sure was!  That's why the loss of him was so grievous.  The world got a lot darker without him in it.  But I've "adjusted".  I figure, if I'm gonna be in a dark place, might as well have some FUN in it!

Thanks, Laurin.  It's been 11 years now since his passing, I've formed some new "brothers", plus his daughter IS him in many ways, so his passing doesn't hurt that much anymore.  When I hug her, I pretend I'm hugging him.  The love, the sweetness of my heart, just pours out.

Plus, I don't know how much any of you are into spirituality, but I believe we can "visit" our departed loved ones on the other side at night when we're asleep and dreaming!  I've "met" my brother quite a few times that way.  He's just fine, in total love and peace, and so am I when I'm with him.  Death is just a departure from this world.  We have nothing to fear.  Little do we mortals know...

Unfortunately we've got to live on THIS side for awhile and that requires money!

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