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Getting only subscription sales, no SODs etc.

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8 hours ago, sugitas said:

I will have to learn to shoot specifically for stock. Currently most are travel pics which were lying on my hard disk.

Yes you will. SOD/OD's and EL's are basically Gone now. Many of us Made more in a day Back then than we do in a Month Now. Content is the name of the Game and always has been. My record for Daily sales is $880.00 A lot of Years ago.

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now like shopping for a ready meal in a carton...all done for you! In the old days the lead in time for images could be months and then not get used and as often said for 25c it's less than a ready meal price (a portion of English fish and chips is around £5.00 to eat out of yesterdays newspaper)

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Dear sugitas, 

The size of your port is far too little to be statistically significant. Drawing any conclusions from the observations of your port's dynamics is something that should not be done.

SODs and ODDs are not gone. I get them on regular basis. It's just that the SODs in their vast majority are tiny.

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was $106. and EL's made your month.And footage was Nice also. I stopped doing footage and sold everything.Pulled my Ports on Footage sites. silly. Still have My Location Biz. But the guys have there own camera Now. I just co-ordinate and send them out. .Like stills to much minutiae and to much time and Uploading.

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On ‎1‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 7:41 PM, sugitas said:


I am slowly building up my portfolio and have been actively submitting since Dec 2017. Now I have around 130 images generating one-two sales everyday. However these are just subscription sales which generate only $0.25 per sale. Not getting much Sales on demand and Single downloads etc. 

I offer 6-suggestions to improve your sales:

1. Patience 2. Patience 3. Patience 4. Uploads 5. Uploads and finally 6. Uploads.

Patience (persistence) to keep submitting and learning from each rejection...find a niche for yourself that doesn't have 1000s of images to compete with...better yet, make your own niche.

Patience to take your time in selecting your next image to photograph...will this image catch the buyer's eye

Patience in taking your time in selecting 'key words' by reviewing your competition in the area of your images...key words are how buyers find you.

Upload both vertical and horizontal

Upload diversity...work not to be a one-subject photographer...unless you offer truly unique images...if flowers are your passion, your images must truly standout from your competition cuz there is plenty of competition in flowers.

Upload people populated images in editorial not commercial

Good fortune in your next photo day.


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