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Doug McLean

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21 hours ago, Laurin Rinder said:

Interfact........WOW Now thats a great, New Word. and perfect for this forum.

I called them Factoids for many years because that's what the sites that deal with urban myths and rumor called them. I presume Interfacts are a new name for the same. Before the internet we just had FOAFs passing on something that a friend told them was true. "Did you know there's a toilet paper shortage coming" which is a memory from the late 70s because the rumor gained so much traction that people went to the store and started stocking up, which caused a toilet paper shortage.

Think of this as the potential greatest marketing trick. Claim that there's a shortage and people won't be able to get something, and with enough pump the market will be shorted, more demand and potentially prices could rise. Recent example, because of Katrina... "insert your factoid here" One was there won't be any Tabasco made for years because the flooded salt fields that they need to make it or the special exclusive pepper crops were ruined. There is no Tabasco shortage, never was a threat.

So Beanie Babies are not filled with spider eggs was just an off adventure into this area. Big burger chain puts worms in their burgers = not true. You won't get money from Disney by forwarding an email to ten friends. Most repeated is probably dead people who are secretly still alive.

OK everyone knows these and the next one will come along and someone I know will send it to me, because even very intelligent people like educators will believe these somewhat believable rumors. That's personal observation because that's who sends me the most of these. :)

I admire the people who make them up because it's a really good trick to come up with something based on a truth and reality but twist it just enough to make some believable strange falsehood. Kind of good clickbait that even when we know it's begging us to click and know better, I sometimes click anyway to see what the story really is.

Anyway, yes, make a beanbag or buy one, we all need a large bean bag for photography because "I said so". :lol:


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