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Brian Kapp

How to submit photo that looks like illustration

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Looking for help on this.  I submitted three images, all rejected for: Illustration Designation -- This image must be designated as an illustration. Please upload the image and select the Illustration box before submitting.

Training issue for me.  Below is one of the images. The other two are similar.  These were taken with a camera, with no post processing.  I rediscovered them in my older pictures.  They were taken of flowers while 1) panning the camera during exposure, 2) deliberately being out of focus, 3) or both. My description was just "Blurred green and yellow background."

So, what is correct thing to do.  I am thinking that the reviewer thought they were created in some way other than with a camera.  Or, maybe it does not matter how, and what makes an illustration an illustration, is its content, now how it was created(?).  Should I resubmit designated as an illustration?  Or rather resubmit as photo, but put how it was created in the description?  Or... ?



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All you can do is give it your best guess.  I would start by submitting it as a photo, since that's what it is.


Call it something like "soft focus background"

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What you need to do is submit as a photo but explain that it is a deliberate motion blur or out of focus image in the description.
The explination helps both the reviewer and the buyer to know exactly what the image is.

If they fail again submit as illustration. I have motion blurred images and defocused images in my port, all submitted as photos, not illustration. However you are right that the general rule of thumb is if an image looks like an illustration it should be submitted as such even if it's a photo. Unfortunately shots like yours fall into the grey area and could be considered either depending on the reviewer. I think the clearer your description is the less likely you are to be rejected.

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