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Alex Shutterstock

Launching a new Premier Editorial tab on Shutterstock.com

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"Thank you"? 
NOBODY?! O.k., looks like asking back's my job then. AGAIN. 
So: Apparently, our imagery has been selling through a site we don't even have access to for several years now. Am I the only one who'd like to hear about the conditions and commissions? What do the buyers pay for what kind of licenses and what are we being paid? Do we see sales through "Premier" as SODs or normal subs or what? That's virtually a blind flight for us so far.
Any insights would be much appreciated.

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Alex, Kate, just don't like the pending red pencil being taken away...forgot to add one vital word to 3 images keyworded so will I have to do them all again. I know you said we can add if approved but first got to get past the reviewer!!  also please when you 'update' the submission page do something about the 'invalid keywords deleted' I would like to choose what to delete incase a better option if found. Don't know what the algo has chosen to take out! And I wasn't spamming each time but is getting really annoying.

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On 15/12/2017 at 8:44 PM, Kate Shutterstock said:

As a Shutterstock contributor, your content is already available to Premier clients if you have opted into both Enhanced License and Sensitive Use. This includes your Shutterstock editorial content, which will appear on the Image tab, rather than on this new Premier Editorial tab.

Does that mean that Premier customers also have access to Shutterstock and therefore our content, and that our content is not on Premier as such?

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On 12/13/2017 at 10:09 AM, Alex Shutterstock said:

Today, we are happy to share that we will begin showcasing our Premier Editorial content on Shutterstock.com. Before today, this content has only been accessible through the Shutterstock Premier website. The new editorial tab will include our historic Rex collection, images from strategic partners, including AP, BFA, epa, and live coverage of breaking news, entertainment and sports events.  

Our Premier Editorial collection will continue to be available only for Premier customer licensing. Editorial content that you submit to Shutterstock will continue to be available for all customers to license on Shutterstock.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Thank you,


We are back and excited to start using and supporting all things Shutterstock - I primarily shoot editorial vs traditional stock, and just listen to one of fav podcast with a fellow photog that shoots for Shutterstock editorial which, prompted me to peak back in on my account, and was pleased to see the new TAB and support for entertainment and such. Also found that some of my test images uploaded when I first signed up had some sales! - This was enough to get me going again and will start to build my collection here on Shutterstock! 



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Is there a guidelines defining ‘do and don’t’ for stage entertaining editorial. These does greatly helpful for contributor not to waste resource and times on something SS rejected and at the same time encourage us to submit. The time frames within these 3 months do have plentiful of celebration and entertainment event.  

I already lost counts how many batches were rejected previously. Give it another 'lost counts' trying-


Entertainments Editorial is NOT accepted. It need press credential.

Who is she: A famous lawyer, publisher, comedian, Best Actress and FHM 100 Most Wanted Women in The World. In these series, she is representing Avon brand products Ambassador.    

What: Avon sales and new products get-together event. (I don't want to compete with others, upload this series was just because  Avon Products, a famous US company founded since 1886 having so few images in ShutterStock):  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avon_Products  

Where: - as stated –

What I do: Surrounding, on stage and backstage posing shots. Some posing shots of Host, Emcee and celebrities. Some products shots. 

Not Approved - Press Credentials -- This image was taken at an event requiring press credentials. 


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