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Please check these again. The keywords were in place and conforming to your standards when I pressed the "submit" button. I shouldn't have to upload them a second time.

Batch ID: 193725391

Batch ID: 193722058

Batch ID: 193721311

 Oddly, Batch ID: 171269890 (09/26/2017) are listed rejected because of keywords (which were not missing nor inappropriate), yet the images are in my catalogue. I assumed the same night happen with the other three listed here, but—not.

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We can't see your rejected images from here.

If you would like feedback on keywords from other contributors, you'll need to post images we can see (you can put scaled down versions in the gallery, and post links) and tell us what keywords you used when you submitted them.

Then, maybe we can give you some pointers.  You might actually have some inappropriate keywords.

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