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Show the best animals / wildlife images from your portfolio!

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1 hour ago, cpaulfell said:

Symmetry with beautiful back lighting, BUT no sales....



Great shot, Paul! I would have maybe removed that small dark-colored branch at the top (above their heads) and crop a bit that they are dead centered. Anyway, it's amazing that such a great photo has no sales...

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9 hours ago, cpaulfell said:

Symmetry with beautiful back lighting, BUT no sales....



Awesome pic, and I agree with Emil - clean up the little branch in the middle.

I'd play with this pic a little, Paul - it's awesome as it is, but if it's not getting noticed, make another version that's slightly different. You just never know, it really deserves to do better!

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@fatir29 Incredible horse series! Is this 85mm or 120mm or? Were you far away behind bushes or in the center of the galloping? _)

@Emil O the cheetah is the best and the shot is great! Life in captivity.
@cpaulfell cool pic with zebras! Agree with @Emil O about the branch. You are lucky you have no sales still because you can delete the photo, improve and upload again - and one more chance for the photo to be noticed.

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Snakes can sometimes be a challenge to capture:


California King snakes are fairly docile, especially in the morning before things warm up:

A wild California King Snake (Lampropeltis getula californiae) sits coiled on a rock in the hills of Monterey, California.



Gopher snakes can sometimes be difficult to detect, as they blend in so well the the background:

The natural camouflage of a  Pacific Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer ) makes it almost invisible, as it slithers through the woods in the hills of Monterey, California.



When they're small, they are quite cute:




My dog Melody likes to chase them:

Dog chases snake: A yellow Labrador (lab) retriever chases a gopher snake in the hills of Monterey, in central California (United States).https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/dog-chases-snake-yellow-labrador-lab-320801588?src=7DVx49MbtQ2ec0CfV_gugA-1-1


When they get big, they're a little scary:




Don't try this at home.  (this guy was over 4 feet long!)

Snake Bite (snakebite) : A Pacific Gopher Snake (Pituophis catenifer)  bites hand of the photographer, with red blood dripping, in the hills of Monterey, California.  (Photographed left-handed)


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