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Show the best animals / wildlife images from your portfolio!

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59 minutes ago, Susan Bell Photography said:

I would be more grossed out if they were eating lice off each other.  I don't like bugs or parasites.

Speaking of parasites, this is high magnification "micro" wildlife - parasite eggs:

Whipworm (Thichuris trichiura): Microscopic image of uterus with eggs of a whipworm, a parasitic helminthic nematode (roundworm).  Specimen was obtained from the cecum of a patient during colonoscopy.



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13 hours ago, mandritoiu said:

I used these objectives:

- Nikon CFI 4x 0.20 Super Fluor 
- Nikon CFI 10x 0.30 Plan Fluor 

connected to a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II

Interesting, I didn't know you could attach a microscope objective directly to a DSLR camera and lens.... obviously I've got some homework to do.  I have a relatively inexpensive camera attached to a microscope, but it can't do anything like yours. 

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My port is over 60% animals/wildlife, and there's now way I could pick the "best", because what I personally like is not the same as what buyers need.


Here are some that I like, in no particular order -


Our big horse with a stray cat - best friends.




Caterpillar of Gulf Fritillary butterfly, just after hatching, eating his own egg shell for energy / nutrition, the caterpillar is about 2mm long, or 1/10th inch -




My cute little guy is summer rain -




One of my cats zoooooming -




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2 hours ago, David Litman said:

Sari, nice shot of cat running.  Someone "put a tiger in his tank".

Thanks :)

That kitty gets the zooomies, you have to be ready, and if possible, you have to try to get him to run at the best angle in regard of sunlight - otherwise you don't get anything worth submitting :)

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So many nice shots! Thanks to everybody who replied!

On 17.11.2017 at 3:39 AM, phortun said:

I am sorry for asking this stupid question but how do I attach the actual images to the comment? It only let me add links :(  



You need to copy the URL of your image (a right click of the mouse) and just paste the URL into the comment or post...

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