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David Bokuchava

Show the best animals / wildlife images from your portfolio!

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I am sure almost everybody has some pix of that kind. Not so many sales usually but we love them! So let's share our not-so-commercial live treasures!

1-3 images, for example... :)

And share how many sales the images had (optional!). Thanks in advance! :)

I'll start.


1. This is a dusky leaf monkey. The number of sales - 0.



2. Macaque kids playing. The number of sales - 5!



3. A tortoise in the water (with space! for someone's logo :D  ). Sales - 0.



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I don't photograph many animals (although I would love to) because my camera is not the fastest. But I did get a few willing to pose for me. None have sold :)

1 - Macaque eating


2 - Spiny lizard in the jungle


3 - Some funny looking bird in Thailand


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1. This is a Wild Cock. The number of sales - 1.



2. This is a Trojan Cock. The number of sales - 0.



3. This one a Fighting Cock. The number of sales - 0.



Consolation: This one urgently need dentures in order to bite - The number of sales - 0.



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