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New Submission Page Update & Poll!

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I am extremely disappointed in new submit page. It's so inconvenient, and not because it's new, but because it lack basic features, such as keyword number count, spell check, visual clarity, ability to copy+paste.

I have no idea, why Shutterstock keeps changing good features to bad, while not even trying to address the real problems and struggles of contributors, such as 

image and keywords spamming, for example. 

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It is horrible. Вот уроды, вместо 10 минут полчаса на загрузка со внесенными мета.

Hello SS team. Just a few suggestions to the new contributor tool: - Place that shows when the image was captured (for editorial captions useful) - Field to choose a already created set.

Posted Images

Please, return submission page back! It's horrible - I've spend three times more time for submission than with old version of submission page, or at least give the opportunity to choose between new and old version. I don't understand why you change something that works well or even excellent. I feel frustrated and now need to use other programs to write metadata to my work.

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On ‎10‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 10:09 PM, Pajor Pawel said:

Your previous submission page was my favorite because of its simplicity. 

You have turned it to a complete mess, it is not intuitive and very difficult to use 

We don't need to see massive preview of the uploaded picture. It was so user friendly and easy to use 

Whoever designed this GUI should try different profession 

Totally agree with you, I miss the old submission page....I can't copy my keywords from my others vectors that are similar, I feel that's so long to send my images....typing keyword by keyword...

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Can we talk about the stupid emails, too? Before I used to be able to see quickly which files were rejected and why because I got emails in real time. Now you send them only once a day, so I have to check your stupid list online and then click on each freaking thing to see what was rejected and why. Ridiculously time consuming.

But on the other hand, you send separate emails for each and every submitted image to tell us it was submitted. No kidding! We know what we submitted! We don't need to be told again!

We don't need three different super large previews to know what our images look like. We don't need fifteen emails a day telling us we submitted something. We need simple, large spaces to input keywords, and emails telling us about rejections, not submissions.

It would be great if one of the admins here was actually a contributor with more than a dozen images in their port so they'd have a clue why we hate this so much.

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SS used to have one of the best contributor pages. Then it got "improved" into some mess that makes it harder to see what I want to see.

SS used to have on of the easiest and quickest submission processes. Then it got "improved" into a mess that took 3 -5 times as long and I couldn't tell If I had messed everything up or not.


If you let us keep using the old contributor page and the old submission page I would do so. Let us decide which is better.


There are many things that are not working particularly well on SS. Fix those first. At a minimum have real contributors try out the "improvements" before forcing all contributors to suffer them.

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I'm contributing on Shutterstock successfully for several years now and I've never liked the submission page so much. Any other service is doing it much better (by automatically reading the metadata, for instance Pond5, Canstock Photo, Videoblocks, Fotolia etc)
I always spent most of the time with Shutterstocks interface, whereas it has been a matter of seconds with other services, but today my worst dreams came true.
I was shocked by the new interface, which is - sorry...I just don't find words.

Tagging a clip one by one (without any kind of batching) is somehwat outdated.

Your so called "misspelling" isn't just right. (If there's a clip which shows the "Dunnottar Castle in Scotland", "Dunnottar" is not a misspelling, as well as "Stoneheaven" and "Pico Del Teide". I really don't know, what you was thinking :( 

All clips I've uploaded a couple of minutes before, are containing exactly 50 keywords...not more, but sometimes less, but Shutterstock is trying to tell me, that I cannot submit, because only 50 keywords are allowed.
Then it suddenly shows 58 keywords...what?...I don't know, where they came from, but definitely not from me.

Then it deletes keywords (and I do not see, which ones), so that 36 keywords are still remaining.
When trying to submit this file, it still says, that submission isn't possible.
Then, after trying a few times, it suddenly works.

Then, after submitting all my files, it says "9 images submitted" (rest not), but it still shows the files, which I've submitted before.

After checking all files again, some files suddenly contain 139 keywords?

Sorry...the new tool makes me speechless and I think of it with horror, when my new 1-month-journey will start in a few days and when I will get back with terabytes of data.

Please, Shutterstock, do not make things worse, just make them better. Please take a look at your competitors...nearly everyone shows how it can work.
I imploringly hope, that the interface changes completely, when I get back in january.
Otherwise it would lead my incomes to absurdity, when I need to spend hours over hours, for tagging and submitting files
(CSV is really not an option...it never has and it never will be, as it never has been necessary)

Good luck and thank you

Thorsten (aka IEDNlab)


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I haven't read all the comments, but I didn't know about this until I submitted some things this evening,and it really threw me. I'm not sure why they changed it. It was so great before. It kept sending two through and holding five back, then sending one and holding 7 back etc. until instead of one submission. I had so many! And is there only one category choice now?? I saw only one instead of the usual two, or was I missing something? And seeing all the keywords at once when you're submitting a lot of images is very very confusing, and I don't understand why they did this. Please put it back the way it was. Sorry to be negative.

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On 11.11.2017 at 06:09, Pajor Pawel said:

Ваш предыдущую страницу представления был моим любимым из-за своей простоты.

Вы превратили ее в полный беспорядок, это не интуитивно понятный и очень трудно использовать

Нам не нужно видеть массовый просмотр загружаемого изображения. Это было настолько дружественным к пользователю и легким в использовании

Тот, кто разработал этот GUI должен попробовать разные профессии


Yes, unprofessionally done. In addition to all this, two layers of buttons! And misconfigured their positioning. I can't mark the image as Editorial and Illustration!

Well, if would have kept both the interface and given the choice to use the old interface or new.

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Just submitted new mages:

1) There is a GLITCH - I filled out keywords and trying to choose category -> category dropdown -> click to category name -> dropdown disappear with chosen category BUT, when it disappear mouse cursor accidentally is on some KEYWORD close icon and THIS KEYWORD IS REMOVED from the list. Reproduced this 2 times. Please fix.

2) This new form take me too more time longer to submit raster copy image as there I should choose some more parameters and checkmarks. I can NOT figure out at fist glance (like on old great submission form) which of my newly uploaded image are set ALL the field and checkmarks even if I multi-select the images. Before, when I submit raster copy - I uploaded several images -> multi-select them -> searched via BROWSER search tag "vector" -> removed them ALL at ONE TIME from all the images instantly (as the images are multi-selected). Now I can NOT do this and see instantly if I removed keyword "vector" or not from my images, as there are no list of all keywords per each image. Instead I should check each image and them check if I filled all correctly for them and removed keyword "vector". 

I believe all this will make harder the workload of your images inspectors as there will be much more mistakes even with experienced contributors in this type or UX design you did.

Hope someone will hear us and will make less pain instead of more. Passed a lot of time from you re-designed dashboard - it is completely unusefull even I get used to it.     

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This new submition interface is total mess and reall makes workflow totaly slow!

Marking more images doesnt work,

does not mark images that were submited and have errors that need to be corrected

it is slow as a snail

This is a really bad and non efficient!

It would be really cool if this kind of renewing would be tested before applying!

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On 11.11.2017 at 10:01 AM, Maxal Tamor said:

Kate, tell to your designers that not everybody use a 27" monitor…
It happens that somebody uses a 15' (or less)…
So they must to consider that when they project the layout.

By the way, seeing the last "new" pages, I have the impression that your designers have no idea about design.

I have 13`` monitor - new submission page is like a HELL!!!

I can see only 2 images on the whole screen, and the necessary fields are inconvenient.

Should scroll down and down to fill fields.

Twice longer.

can see all information about one image on the screen.


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Hello again!
I have read almost all of the contributors' opinions. I personally handle uploading, but really at the cost of much more time. The system in this respect is rather cumbersome and needs repair to save time for authors. I will not speak about the other shortcomings, because people have made a lot of opinions and suggestions.
I wish fruitful work and success!

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OMG! Useless, clumsy new submission page update ... Of course, I understand that your designers have to make clever face they are working hard, but damn it! These awkward innovations waste of time for your contributors...
They are simply useless and do not need anyone! DO NOT NEED ANYONE!
One year ago you made update of the main page, and what? Map is still *Not yet available for videos, that says it all!

I'm sure that the senior management of ShutterStock is not sufficiently informed about the problems with these innovations of the site pages!

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I am not a IT specialist or kind of that but i think i read somewhere that Shutterstock mentioned that with the old system it was difficult to add new features and that the new one is more flexible. This is just a starting point. Now we should put or suggestions (in a adult manner ;)) together and present them to Shutterstock. They all can be fixed + the system looks future proof so more features can be added. Going back to the old system means being stucked in the past. 

I really believe that in some time we will have a system that will please most of us. Just be cooperative and not so "closed". I see Alex and Kate are really involved to help you and are trying to collect suggestions. A suggestion like "What the hell are you doing"or "Get some real IT people" don't help at all. Use the fact that Alex and Kate are there. 

Just a reminder that there are agencies out there that changed the system without even having questions to the contributors afterwards. Just changed and you had to life with that. As you can see in SS case you have the possibility to reply to the new system.



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1 minute ago, CH Digital Media said:

This gripe is the system was no where ready for release to the point of being completely unusable for most of us, I make stock video for a living, it pays for my house, children etc.  We are NOT talking about going back to the OLD CODE! We are talking about going back to a design the worked for the majority of users on the NEW CODE, and judging how the polls are panning, the majority of users want to have the list view back. We are experienced enough to know how the other agencies work and we are not simple minded so we don't need reminding of this fact. I haven't been able to upload ANYTHING now for 5 days! Just to remind you again we are talking about a similar interface of the previous UI on the NEW CODE.     

Then the best option would be to create an additional list view. This would make both world happy. 

@Alex Shutterstock

Do you think an additional list view option would be realizable?


Thank you.



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There is my list of problems found in a new interface:

1. There is a big problem attaching model releases if some releases are ready attached.

For example we have two photos and there are the same people on both. But there is an extra person on a second image. First we select both images and add model releases for all the same persons. After this we try to add extra model release to the second image sorting A-Z. And on this step the system slows down. It works so slow that I can’t even select model release. And the only way is to erase all the releases attached before and to attach them again to the second image separately.  

Operation systems: Win 7 and 10, Crome, Mozila, IE.

2. Why default sort method in model releases is “Newest”? “A-Z” was a default method for years. We used to use this and “A-Z” is much more logical. Now you have to switch all the time you attach releases to a new image.

3. In previous version there was very useful thing: you could select any model release, then press any type on a keyboard (for example “U”). And you automatically switch to model releases starting with “U”. Now you have to scroll down.

4. Model release dialog box appears in the center of screen. If you have image situated in a center of screen, the MR dialog box closes it up. There is no problem if you have to attach one or two releases. But if you have to attach 10 releases, don’t remember all of the people and don’t see the image, it’s problem.

5. New interface works much more slower. Just try to quickly select some images you see on screen or attach couple of model releases. I’m sure: if we make a competition between two people using an old and a new versions, the winner is obvious.

6. I don’t see metadata for all the images on one screen (like in old version). If you need to understand, if model releases is attached or if category is selected, you have to click on image. It takes a lot of time.

7. Imagine you submitted 10 images and all of them have different problems (no category or wrong keywords). Now you have to click on each image separately and fix the problem. In old version you could make it much more quick scrolling down the screen.

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