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Press Credentials?

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Took some fun pictures at my son's championship pee wee football game which was 5th and 6th graders.  The photos  got rejected because it said I needed press credentials?  Anyone had this before?  I didn't get model releases, too many people.  Submitted as editorial.

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15 hours ago, Sheila Fitzgerald said:

All events involving children's sports, etc require credentials now.

I was going to mention that, there are all kinds of personal rights issues, unless the league has parents sign a waver for images, before they can play. Otherwise you would need every parent or guardian to sign a waver for every minor, anywhere in any photo. In any case, the other right answer is:


17 hours ago, Perry Correll said:

No, you send it to credentials@shutterstock.com. They will send you a code that you enter when you submit.

Get approval in advance or get permission and a letter from an organizer and get approval after, but you always need a ticket # from ShutterStock credentials, for uploads of anything that's got a ticket, on private property, has entrance conditions (zoos, parks, museums, or with photo restrictions), has minors and of course anything professional. I'm sure there are more.

You can take photos of pretty much anything, it's what you can do after that, and SS sets their own limitations as well.



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Pete, they actually made adjustments to the credential rules in March this year so you don't need credentials for all ticketed events anymore. The Civil War Reinactment I went to earlier this year I was able to submit without credentials (which was good because I tried getting them from the event organizers JIC, and they were so disorganized I couldn't get a straight answer from anyone)

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