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model release for travel photos?

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2 minutes ago, Allen.G said:

Just curious, why would it sell better? 

Travel bloggers, travel magazines, basically the editorial market for travel and tourism photos is a lot larger than the one-off commercial market might be. Think of how many publications and sites are either directly or peripherally related to travel. That's why I believe editorial would sell better.

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9 hours ago, okiepony said:

I don't think it makes any difference if your model releases are OK - of course, more work, but one can use a commercial image for editorial, but not vice versa.

I agree, but one thing to keep in mind before doing all the work to get a model release:

What if the news agency first filters the results with editoral only?
With a release, you'll have less exposure to the editoral market. 

So only get a release if you target audience is really commercial.

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I would also add that a commercial image is never a depiction of reality so it may be questionable to use a commercial image to illustrate an editorial piece. Although there's pressure on the industry to crack down on too much post-processing / manipulation of images of models:


An editorial image, on the other hand, should be an accurate depiction of reality.

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1 hour ago, Nannycz said:

I always thought that you need model release for each person even for editorials, isn't it so?

Nope. You don't need model release forms for editorial images. Having said that, always have respect for people who you are photographing. If the individual or individuals appear annoyed or stressed when you're pointing a camera in their direction, then it may not be a good idea to photograph them. 

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