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when does shutterstock starts to implement AI (artificial inteligence) to auto keyword images, by analysis/detection, by shape, color and other attributes. specially to objects, flowers, animals. A spoon, a rose or a dog should be easy for an AI system to catalog. It's time to shutterstock start to develop those technologies.
Also, an useful thing, location keywords would be added automatically if coordinates could be detected. It's great for urban and nature landscapes. 

what do you think?


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Shutterstock does use a smart system for keywording already. In the app at least. If you upload a photo of a person walking on a trail through a forest of green trees, even before you enter a description it will suggest keywords, and without you needing to select similar images. The keywords will be things like: forest, hike, green, tree, man, person, walk, etc. etc.

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