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'My image portfolio' link in forum

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I don't seem to be able to fix the 'my image portfolio' link on the left side of the forum panel here, under my avatar.

I've noticed several other users on this forum have /gallery-0 in place of the code that supposed to be there as well (including some long-time high post count users).

Does anyone know why this has happened or how to fix it?


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12 hours ago, DeymosHR said:

fixing involves replacing the whole incompetent IT management at SS.

And....While there up to fixing. lets have someone PLEASE. {Paul,VP of content] to have a real hard Look at the review staff and have someone review them. Im getting so Many messages ,Emails and Images from folks at a alarming Rate asking why the rejections for this and that. I have no time for this. ....... as No One here answers anyone anymore they ask me. I HAVE NO ANSWERS GUYS!!  I hate saying this to people But it's the truth.  I see Images that theres No real reason for rejection and I see stuff that should have never been accepted. Im not a newb, I also reviewed for 3 years. 53,000 Posts on the critique forum,Shooting for 60+ years and teaching for 11. I DO NOT KNOW what sells Nor does anyone especially a reviewer. But there are Limits to exposure and Basic composition that is out of control!! PERIOD. Someone has to take responsibility and get these People on the same Page. OK?? Geeeeez. Consistency is not even a word here anymore. Just keeping the site working for 2 weeks is Impossible.

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