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Just some final thoughts about shooting with the D500 after 2 solid weeks of work with it.  I only ran into one issue the day I was out shooting the snake. The camera froze up with an "ERR" message on the top LCD. I tried pulling the battery (twice) and that didn't work.  So I took the Tamron 16-300 off, fired the shutter, then put the lens back on.  That fixed it and I haven't had the issue since.  As near as I can guess, the body may have lost communication with the lens and re-seating the lens fixed it.Didn't have any issues at all with the Nikon 200-500 or the Tamron 70-200 with that body.  That noted, I really did miss my 5D MkIV, so next time I go down there, I'm taking the 5D MkIV and my XF-300.  ;)

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