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Introducing the New Contributor Dashboard

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Is active images the number of the images in the portfolio? I am pretty sure that there should be more...I have more images than it is showing in the active images...anybody else?


GOOD POINT. I can't be a 100% sure because I don't remember an exact number of active images I had before. But it seems like it displays 20-30 images less... Again, maybe I'm just making it up due to all those crazy changes.. Guys, does anyone notice wrong numbers??


Well, the new design looks nice, but have one BIG MISTAKE. There is no way, how to find out the sales of new images. Quite an important thing for all contributors. From now, we will be shooting blind :(


AGREE. I was using Image Gallery Stats all the time. I want it back! Or at least to have some 'sorting by' option that will allow me to see the stats for the new content.

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This Dashboard looks like it was designed by some former employee of Facebook. Hey, look it's me on the avatar! Hey, look how much money I earned in total! Hey, look how many total downloads I have! Besides that:

- There are no thumbnails of images pending approval.

- There are no thumbnails of images not yes submitted.

- Map should be in the top center of the page

- We have Unpaid earnings in the top right corner on the ribbon. Same info with the font that pokes our eyes out under it is useless. 

- My avatar picture, your Hi Sasa Prudkov and profile strength are totally useless and waste of space.

- Total earnings and total downloads is not information that is interesting for out present work, so it should be way down on the page and not with the letters meant for half blind to be able to read. As you should know, we are photographers and videographers so our eyesight is pretty good.

- Additional resources are so important to me that I removed them with AdBlocker. Good riddance.

Congratulations Shutterstock. In couple of days you managed to ruin almost everything that was user friendly, remove so many info that we needed and make us spend far more time clicking around instead of submitting photos. 

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Please, people who love new design, tell me WHY? Do you like less information? You are tired of previews of pending images? Do you like to scroll for map every time you refresh the page? What exactly do you like? Do you have small portfolios, so overall earnings is very important for you? I just don't get it. Map is better (except it's buggy), but that's it!

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I prefer to see 'Announcements' higher instead of 'Additional resources' or my 'Profile strength'.

And would be nice to see pending approval and not submitted images Previews instead of big useless 'Unpaid Earnings' block.
Would be great if my settings would stay after I reload\reopen page.
Please don't leave Contributor Dashboard as it is now, it should be not worse than the previous one at least. Currently main focus is on unnecessary information.
There are some great contributor's comments and suggestions in this topic.

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Hi Kate,


New Dash is nice. Just a few improvements will make it perfect.


Ability to hide and arrange sections via drag and drop will be a nice feature like I prefer to see the map at top left section and hiding profile competion section.

Other than that I would like too see go back in last 5 years at monthly earnings table to see the performace over more timeline and ability to see weekly earnings also both in the table and unpaid earning section.

I hope you will improve it over time so we dont have to ask for Deymos to implement those features too :)


A feature that I dont agree with other contributors,

Preview of pending images are not important I believe. I already knew what I uploaded so displaying only 5 in 100 images is useless. That will also save time to load and less pressure on server.

And I dont think it is a mistake to change the design over time. Of course if its adding something over it. Some additions are nice but that could be improved more. Some are dont.


Just realized that Monthly earnings graph resetting to default value everytime I refresh the page. I would like to see it keep the settings which I adjusted. So ability to save some settings also would be great.

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Hard to navigate, useful info missing, some random ppl pics (under Additional resources) are bigger than the thumbnails of my own work -- in attempt to promote your useless blog nobody reads, giant digits of Earnings summary, download map has become useless etc, etc, etc., which means SS will now keep this 'design' for sure. 


Whatever, Kate. 

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I like the new map. But it should be on the top of the page, now I need to scroll down to see the full map on my 13" laptop.

We are not blind, why do we need to see SO BIG NUMBERS? More than that, why twice? In the top right corner is already enough.

There's so many useless and distracting information.

I don't need to read every time that it is "Updated approximately every 15 minutes", as well as "Payments are calculated at the end of every month for contributors who meet their minimum payout amount"

I don't need "Profile strength" on the top of the page

I don't need to see my totals as a main object, there's nothing to be proud of. 

Additional resources look fine, but it would be better without previews, or in the bottom.


I prefer a clean, simple interface. This one is a total distraction.

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I should say that I like it but (from my point of view):

- All is too much big.

- I find “Profile strength” useless, and it should be in another place in the page (down for example)

- Various earnings. When I choose “This month”, or something else, I want that it stays like this when I reload the page. Actually every time that I reload the page it is “All time”, and frankly I don’t find interesting to know my all time earnings and would be more happy to have another choice by default (hey Shutterstock do you know how to use cookies?).

- Top 5 performers. Same thing than earnings, I am not interested to see my “All time”best performers, I know which they are and i don’t think that they will change overnight… I would prefer to have the possibility to have another choice by default (hey Shutterstock do you know how to use cookies [again]?)…

- Set. Not very useful if I cannot scroll down… And not very useful even if I can scroll down…

- Where are the pending image thumbnails??

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Why??? Why you made this? No week statistics, no portfolio views, no followers, no previews of uploaded and submitted files, but giant numbers of All time earnings/downloads and it necessary to scroll to see the map! Totally dislike! :angry:

I completely agree with everything listed, the dashboard became much worse. Why it was necessary to remove the map down? Besides these photos of articles disturb now. Return last design!

The only good thing is that the map is showing cities now.

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