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Introducing the New Contributor Dashboard

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  • Provide a list of last downloads, with the most recent one on top. Currently it's hard to quickly see new sales



I really like this idea.  The old earnings page put daily downloads in numerical order.  The current one seems to put them randomly.  

It's fun to check the site several times a day, to see what has sold, and chronological order would make it much easier.  

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I like it too, although it will take a little getting used to.


A small request though, if it's possible to implement easily?


The profile strength at the top of the page tells me I am at 90% and I should add my Social Media accounts. I have added all I have, as I'm not on Tumblr or Google+. Can we have an option to hide this reminder, as I don't like to be constantly prompted  to change something that doesn't need it.


Simply fill in these paragraphs the word "No"

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Hello Everyone,


Today we are delighted to announce the introduction of the new redesigned contributor dashboard to provide you with more insight into your sales on Shutterstock.


This new dashboard provides a more detailed, customizable view of your earnings, right from the front page. Using different filters, you can track earnings by content type, by month and by license type.


In addition, we have added a Top 5 Performers right at the heart of your dashboard so you can easily see your most successful images or videos.


Thank you for your continued commitment to Shutterstock. We value your contributions and are proud of the marketplace we are building together.


Thank you



Hallo Kate,


* I miss seeing pending images at a glance!!! :-(

* Why can't we see the selling stats for the new content anymore? Where is the summary of downloads per week? Both are very important information for me.

* The map at the top was my favorite. Now it is too small and we need to scroll down to see the map!!! :-(

* I don’t need the „total earning” that big or if we need it on the front at all...



Bad change for me. Is there a possibility to bring back the old version, PLEASE?

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ok, i like it, even tho im used to old one, but still one complain - pending approval/not yet submitted/recent rejections are missing thumbnails. Also, something happened with map, it is less clear and transparent with all last 10 downloads and, some IPs are different. for instance, i have someone from same ip downloading regulary from me, now, their downloads are spread all over the map (which essentially doesnt make difference in earnings, but still its nice to know when same buyer is downloading pics). Also, it would be nice to make font smaller and to bring map on the top of the page like it used to be.


Map is to messy right now, and it should be on the top of  the page

i fully agree with you

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In general i like the fresh look of the page. 


Could you implement following:

 i want to be able to save individual settings for each block

 thumbnails on the map are looking strange - can you return  them to square size? 

 i don't find useful two upper blocks - Profile info and Unpaid Earnings. I have constantly to scroll down the page to see the most interesting for me info, and it's boring! At least, i would shrink them twice.

 it would be wonderful to be able to change blocks' positions and make page totally customizable.



Thank you!

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Ok, new profile page.

1. I want to see previews of Pending files

2. I want more place for recently approved

3. I don't need Additional Resources at all. At least, make it small.

4. Announcements is fine. But nobody will see it

5. Profile block with my logo/face - I don't need it at all. You could make it small and put at the bottom. Useless information.

6. Unpaid Earnings - it's fine when it is a small number on the grey line (please, don't remove it!). I can see it perfectly. Block is completely useless.

7. Earnings Summary. Fine, but must be much smaller. I can't open the page in public place anymore. Also, I just don't need it this big.

8. Monthly Earnings - where is the options? This is so nothing!

9. Map. Map is better (except it cuts the preview). The only better thing. But it must be №1! Why is it 9? This is SS unique feature, everybody loves it! And you put it at the bottom, BELOW THE SCROLL?

10. Sets is fine, because you did not changed it

11. Top performers - actually, great tool. But it needs a lot of work to become really useful.


What can I say... Welcome to the new era of UI fixing userscripts, adblock tuning and third-party analytics! For the last week I found and learned to use A LOT of things, I never heard before. Thanks, Shutterstock!



Agree. And I miss that weekly earning bars. 

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1. I remember the contributor page that was BEFORE "the map".

2. When SS introduced "the map" contributor page, I liked it from the beginning.

3. This new page is not good. I don't like it.


First, I need the map at the beginning.

Second, I don't need the Unpaid Earnings, Profile, and Earnings Summary be the first and so large font size.

Third, I need preview of "Not yet submitted", "Pending Approval", and last "Accepted" images.

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