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Introducing the New Contributor Dashboard

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i like the new design but there's room for improvement.


things i like:

- more specific information of earnings by type/date is available.

- liked the map with city information

- aditional resources is nice on the right

- graphs


things to improve:


- information is too scattered and spaced, i think it can be condensed/tightened a little more.

- some fonts are too big like unpaid earnings, earnings summary.

- profile strength could be on the top, those 3 lines can fit next to our name.

- unpaid earning is already on the gray bar.

- lacks latest sales, i like more the design from the android app, we can see today's downloads immediately, how much we earned from that particular photo and if it's a first time download. and the earnings tab is less complicated and information is accessed more quickly. 

- Although additional resources is nice, something like "new trends", "buyer requests" or "buyer search words" and that info could be narrowed for instance based where the photographer lives like "country" or "region".

- Monthly earnings could be merged with Earning summary.

- map is not interactive, we could have the ability to click on the different sales.

- sets lack more information. do buyers click on these, do they buy through these?

- earnings thumbnails should be a bit bigger, or have the ability to be pop-up zoomed or something. Or change display by type, like mosaic.

- contributor choices are not saved.

- info on what keyword the buyer used to buy my photo.


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New design is very inconvenient. A major inconvenience lies in the fact that Earning summary does not show date of upload. This omission does not enable serious analysis of quality of uploaded images. In addition,replaced sales for the day at a glance with sales for the day spread over dozens of pages, so you have to click dozens of times to see what you could see in one click before. This is very inconvenient novelties in the new design. There are other deficiencies of new design as well, and they have been discussed at the forum. Therefore, the new design is not contributor-friendly for experienced stockers. 

A sole betterment is section  Top 5 performers. But it is advisable to add date of upload to it.

Please, redesign the new layout or ad possibility to use old design as well.

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New design is very inconvenient. Why you made this? No week statistics, no portfolio views, no followers, no previews of uploaded and submitted files, but giant numbers of earnings/downloads and it necessary to scroll to see the map. I cant share my images in Facebook.

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among other things ppl already mentioned (like wtf should i have total earnings, total downloads and graphs saying what was sold in all time total) in the main page (earnings summary is a better fit), i miss the number of followers. was kinda nice to know how ppl follow me :) in general, i dont care much for this except for the updated map stating cities as well. a lot of useful information dissappeared. wish u would have focused on some actuall bugs (Like for example the FILE TRANSFER ERROR which costed me dozens of picture this week....).

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like it new dashboard.but i am new contributor my content not downloaded,my earning 0.0,i need help you friends , tell me what should i do  :( [riturajat999@gmail.com]

Lets see hmm!





Where is the 8?

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It would be nice to have followers and views back - I know  it doesn't make sales, but it was nice to see how many people were following you - it was a  bit of an incentive when you got an extra follower.


Also miss tracking ALL photo's in sets - not just the ones have sold - nice to see that X out of Y images sold and there are ? Zero sales for the rest of your set - again makes no difference to earnings but was nice to look at now and again.

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Some new interesting info, such as all times totals and portfolios sizes separate for images / videos. Top 5 performers should be sortable. I don't give a cr@p where in the world was any of my photos bought.

BUT - I need to sort the daily earnings by photo / video ID. NOT by downloads - I want to know how my latest shots perform. Sort by downloads - what do I get? Most of my sales (and it's same for almost everyone) is 1 download on any specific day. After first images with more than 1 download (which are sorted), I get a horrible mess of 4-6 pages of stuff in which I have to locate my latest images to see how many I sold.

Please repair this.

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I really REALLY like the new Contributor Dashboard! I particularly love that the map now tells me where exactly the images were sold! VERY VERY COOL! The amount of information you are giving us now I think is great - it's all right there.


I don't particularly like how you have chosen to arrange everything on the page - at the top I'd like to see my unpaid earnings and the map - they are the two most important pieces of information that I check every morning. How much I've made in total and how much I've earned broken down by license is less important to me on a daily basis. I would really like to see the weekly earnings somewhere - every Sunday I check it and compare it to last year, so I get a rough understanding of how the month is shaping up. I also would like have the option to organise the 'top performers' page by date (How you had this page previously was perfect - able to organise by downloads or by date) - I know when I submitted things, and going on date I can find the image I want to look at without too much trouble. Also in the monthly earnings I'd like to be able to have the option of choosing more than the last 12 months.


Maybe you could make the boxes movable on the page so all of us can set it up in a way that's right for us? There's a lot of us, and we all have different opinions.


All up I'm liking this new look but I think a bit of tweaking needs to happen.

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In general it looks good and I like it more then old dashboard.

But I see some strange thins on it and don't understand how can you do this? How can you make such obvious mistakes?


1. In earning details when I'm looking on selected day I can't see all images on one page as it was before. Also I can make sorting only by downloads and earnings but not by ID. So my old and new images are mixed and it's hard to check sales for lates uploaede images. Give authors more freedom to sort and show what they need.

2. On main dashboard page in Earnings summary and Monthly earnings and Top 5 performers I can make some selections what I want for example not for all time but for this year. But after page reloading after my next login all my selections and changes are gone. I must again and again everytime select what I need to see stats what I like. It's very easy to remember last user settings so why not to do this?

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