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anyone here shooting with an iphone 7 plus?

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I'm trying to find someone else shooting with an iphone 7 plus.  I'm new to cell phones but not at all new to photography.  Just tried some test shots on the new phone and am confused with how small the file size is on the images.  I started another thread with the same question but thought this topic title might catch the eye of a fellow photographer with the same phone.



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No. No HDR here. here is  a Picture Of My 2 27 4K IMAC Monitors. and here is the screen from Photoshop with I bring that jpeg in. The Image is 1.76 MB

bringing it into PS it is 4032 X 3024 at 72DPI native from 6+ Iphone,  and Pixels are 34.9 which Gives me a Print size of 56IN  X 42In  I have Over a Hundred Images in My port currently that are Photos taken with My Apple 6+ Phone Of watercolor Paintings and other assorted subjects as walk around stuff..


By example A Nikon D800 ...36MP camera shoots at 300 DPI.  and can make prints the size of a wall. The apple store has Huge prints On the wall Taken with the 7+. I wouldn't worry about a penny stock site accepting them IF. there sharp ,good subjects and shot in good light. I assume if those things aren't in Place a $10,000 DSLR ain't gonna help. there is also a Bluetooth Wireless shutter release where you just push a button. I wear it around My neck ...problems with Phones are when folks tap the phone. You can also use the ear buds Button to activate the shutter. Mine is made By Davoice  [Amazon] 5 bucks. there is also a APP that is helping video Guys win Huge awards for cinematography with cell phones . It is simply MindBlowing Tech what it can do will Blow you away. Called "Filmic" and "Filmic Pro" google and Look at what it does. Im using the pro for a Promo Of my Band.


Bottom Line The 6+ and 7+ are just Fine for stock. .....Are you?   .......LOL and probably not for wildlife ,action and such. wait a week for that. Maybe a month the way things are going. But Im telling ya. Look at Filmic for footage.Build yourself a Small lightweight portable Monopod and go for it. a piece of wood dowel, a 1 LB weight on the bottom and a Head for the camera...Find the balance point and done.



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