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How is your image being used?

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Another SS friend found this at their local drug store in Canada - (it lights up with tiny lights)    

Good Boys (2019) movie 0:02:00 my illustration: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/ride-wave-dinosaur-surfer-drawing-vintage-557567824?src=3204b807-c07f-4813-b4ac-1542d761f8b8-1-2

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Had a good month (for me - not Cecil), when he was killed last year.




They used quite a lot of my images!


But most of mine are travel sites






I'm not keen on my photo's being used to promote hunting though!

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Can I possibly ask, how on earth thisimage was approved? I just need to now criteria. for my own sake :)

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I just found one of mine using only my name and Shutterstock:




And here's the image used:




And another one:






And my image here:





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I wanted to start a topic like that myself. I had a good laugh looking at your examples, but not as much as this photo of mine and its SS' "Similar images":




Can you see the sexy brunette in my photo? ;)




Nice to see my image of the GG Bridge with BW background is being sold for $115.00. I've made $16.50 so far.


Can they do that actually?

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