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Update on our FTP upload process

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This glitch is very upsetting.  Images uploaded last night still haven't shown up to be submitted.  If it isn't in the data base, it can't be sold!

Hi Everyone,   Over the weekend we had a technical issue which, as many of you reported, slowed down the FTP uploading process, browser uploading was unaffected.  Files uploaded during this period a

Thanks for letting us know you're on top of this. 

Yep looks like you need to contact SS or check to see of they sent out an email to you.


I see the same as Barry now. Sorry page not available. Oh sorry there's another thread about this disappearance. Looks like more than just an error:  http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/88119-all-7300-videos-were-gone/


Uploaded 122 photos last night, all went through fine, with all data. Maybe there's something with video vs photo vs vectors that we need to be more specific than ftp upload issues. I mean what kind of files and what size? Mine were all 8MB or smaller JPG.

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