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No forum and thread access??

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Is anyone else out there having a problem getting anywhere here on the forums with this new change?


This is one of the only places where I can post and read anything.


Threads are missing or not allowed to view them and more.


This is also happening to many others.


I would post in Technical but I can not.



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Barry, I"m thinking the "seamless transfer" they referred to isn't so seamless after all. I get the following on every page except the "contributor experience" 




I was going to PM Vincent to ask too, but since you already did, I'll leave that alone and let him reply to  yours. I'm sure he's getting a plethora of messages asking WTH is up anyway :)

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This happened to me before, when they were dealing with all that spam we used to get, only that time I couldn't get into any of the forums and thought I'd been banned completely. It took two emails to support before it was finally sorted out.


This time, it's just the Announcements section that I can't get into. I don't see Shutterchat anywhere on the list though - have they decided to abolish that?

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+ one million. theres no one here anymore. well maybe thats what they want. There is zero Community and zero help, Zero understanding about Issues. It's gone. the new folks have no clue what came before. We actually had people who cared. we don't want silly Blog Videos. DON"T YOU GET IT!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nSell the stock to a different crowd. we want sales. don't care what SS sells for. Sorry Jon. Really Sorry Jon....

Of course this is what they want. Although I rather think they don't give a xxx about it, as long as the cash flows in. Yes, we had people who cared and those years are a proof that in a business everybody can be happy - owners, customers, workers.

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