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Ongoing Forum Improvements

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If we're still making suggestions for improvements/changes, is there a reason why we have to scroll all the way back to the top of each thread to go back to the main menu? Isn't it possible to have that at the bottom of the page too, like the page 1, 2, 3, etc are at the top and the bottom of each thread, but the topic choices are only at the top of the thread.


Lazy I know but it would be so much more convenient not to have to scroll back to the top to go back to the main menus.

If you use the back button BOOM you are right back up top no scrolling required.

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but then it doesn't show that thread as having been read yet either.

Not the arrow back button on the computer tab the one on the SS page at the bottom of the thread that takes you back to the top then you pick where to go and the thread shows as read.


You are mixed up.

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The archive also only goes back to 2015 there are no old threads to be found anywhere.

actually, there are old threads around. Check out this one:




which was a thread I bookmarked. The thread started in 2010 and is still accessible... thankfully because it's a gold mine. 


perhaps you meant old threads that haven't had comments since 2014.

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  • 3 weeks later...

And we know who that would be. LOL That was so High school. get rid of another 20 things and were back to the way it was which was a 100 times better than Now. VINCENT....NO ONE is here anymore 90% are gone they started leaving a year or so ago and the good folks that were here long before are long gone. I get a 100 E-mails a day telling me why.. no one is here except habitual Posters with Nothing to really contribute except chat. Im gone in 4/5 Months as soon as I get a accurate Post Number of 50,000 which is shameful I have to do it myself., 


The old forums were Not great But they were a 1000 times better than Now. Whoever came up with this one should be let go and I said this a week after it was here.But what do I know ...I've only been here 11 Years and doing Photo chat rooms since it was called the USENET and I have helped More People here than all the videos,Blogs and Posts SS can make.  PERIOD!! . Did I ever get a thank you?    NEVER!!  Did I ever get a thank you from Jon for securing the Domain Name Shutterstockmusic.com 6 Years ago and giving it to him as a gift?...NEVER!!


Critiquing is useless. 100% view we can't see and Posting By example is stupid.. thats important. We try to do what we do the best we can . We want you guys to do the same whatever that is???. Making New forums is not.We cannot critique anyone properly. Don't believe me??  Try it.   You won't because being on forums Is not your job, Nor is critiquing..


David and I are putting together a real FREE discussion forum/blog soon By invitation to discuss New Gear, Critiques ,New Ideas,Software,The future. Helping with every facet of Photography from Beginner to Advanced and Options going forward In the craft we love. And so much More. Please Join By sending me or Dave a email. . I have over 1200 names Now. . were looking at late august,September. Hope you can join us.




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 I can think of one contributor who's going to be absolutely gutted the down vote button has gone, he used to vote down SS contributors images posted in the 'post your newest images here' thread.


I can only sense his anger and bitter disappointment at this change :lol:


And Laurin is right, it was so High School




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Havent been on the forum for ages but I have to say, what a mess :angry:

Trying to find the old Footage section, is it still excisting? Please link if it does :)

Ok, so I have to go out on the web to find my answers, well done Shutterstock :wacko:

After the first change there were designated areas for all, but then everyone here complained, complained and complained and now everything is in the contributor experience so you can thank all the whiners for that and you will need to search pages, pages and more pages until you find what you are looking for.

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what the new forum killed completely was the sense of community...PERIOD. of course those that changed it had no idea about that anyway.

I'm new here, so I can't say anything about how it was before. But I was hanging around on forums of another stock company and they also redesigned forums a few months ago and it did exactly the same - destroyed the sense of community (which was awesome, btw). Maybe that is exactly what they all aim for, eh?

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Hi Vincent Shutterstock!


Honestly, how do you think this "improvements" turned out?




My portfolio is not big but you guys have earned almost $4000 dollar on me, time to get something in return. Stop spamming me about all "improvements" when it´s not an improvement.



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