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Contributor Support in the coming days

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Hi everyone,


Please be aware that contributor support will be closed on Christmas and New Year's. As always we will try to respond as soon as possible, but there may be a delay.


If you have a question, the answer is probably in our support center, so you will want to always check there first before emailing us:



if you were asked to submit a new W8 or W9 tax form, we will make sure all are reviewed before the new year but implore you all not to wait until the very last day of the month to submit yours.


Lastly, please keep in mind that if you send me a Direct Message through the forum only I will receive it and if I am not in, no one else will read it.


So, if you have a question and it is not answered in the support Center, send our help desk an email:



We wish you all a happy Holidays and a wonderful 2016 full of downloads and content approvals

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Copy that.


So what about the Eves?


All day pr part?





To all of the SS team.


Merry Christmas and Happy New year or be it whatever else you celebrate be it full of joy and happiness.


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