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We are pleased to share Shutterstock Tab - a Chrome extension - with our contributors (as some of you already noticed).


Every time a user opens a new tab, a new image will appear, along with customized information including the contributor's name, the time, and weather. Users can download the image displayed or explore others in the featured contributors' collection by clicking on the contributor name.


All images on Shutterstock Tab were selected by a Shutterstock curator and contributors received a standard license earning. 


Let us know what you think or if you have any questions.


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It looks stylish


any questions - OK


I don't use Chrome (too many tracking cookies). In Comodo I can only reload the page to see the new image (restrictions on cookies).


Therefore, I do not understand operating principle. SS Tab tracks user's actions in the browser, and based on the search query offers a particular picture "for inspiration"?


Impulse purchase? Who is the target audience? For corporate clients, it is rather a feature, stylish screensaver. They have a shopping list.


And I join to Sheila question :)

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The choice for images was made by one of our curators, and the criteria was nothing more than that the image would look great in the Shutterstock tab and would drive users to check out our entire library. There is no better way to see what type of images were chosen than to use it. it is a pretty wide variety. 


The terminology used in the permissions pop up is from Google Chrome and standard language for an extension of this type. No customer information is stored or tracked by Shutterstock with the Tab chrome extension.

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It is really a nice tool, i feel.


Further i have one suggestion on this tool to add more usability feature on this.


I've already suggested it on chrome web store extension shutterstock, though i wold like to put it in front of you ss team and other contributors, hope they may like it.


1. As a shutterstock contributor , i would also like to see my earnings($) numbers (digital numbers), as seeing in my ss accnt home page. Numbers inspires too!
No need to log in into ss contributors account every day, just to see and taking updates of my regular earning nos!?
Log in, only when want to upload the images and / or else.
I hope , shutterstock contributors may also like the same idea , seeing  their earning numbers on shutterstock extension tab.
Thank you for this.
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