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Hi everyone, I'm new here and a little confused lol

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Hi everyone! I just got accepted and I am excited here. I am having a little bit of an issue with creating a public set. I did look up the instructions and for more help but I'm not seeing exactly what they are saying to do like clicking the thumbnail of an image or images then click on "Create set".  I'm sure some how I will figure this out. 


Like I see the accepted batch of photos, but all it showing is i can edit them or delete them individually, but nothing about adding them into a public set. (I hope I am not sounding as confusing as I sound to myself). 


Anywho, I truly hope to get to know many of you and I am happy to be here. 




Ps.. is there a trick for my profile picture? I know it's going to be a square and certain size, but it's being difficult. 


Looking forward to seeing you guys around and thank you!



PS. Screenshot is in attatched file of the create a set thing if it helps any. post-1385408-0-48387800-1447817304_thumb.png



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Hi and welcome!

1. To create sets follow the steps in the screenshot attached. You start from the main menu after you sign in.


2. To add images to an existing set:
- after step 1. click on images to select them
- click "Add to set", step 2, at the top-right
- at step 3, you will see a dropdown to select the set you want to add the images to.


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Hi guys! Thank you guys so much. I figured out why I was a little confused lol. I didn't know I had to wait for the images to be shown in a certain area first. (Before it was saying something wasn't supported for clips) or something like that which was how I got confused but once I checked back this morning, I was able to see it and I was super happy lol. Thank You guys so much! 

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