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IMPORTANT - Forum Maintenance

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We will be performing maintenance on the forum next week and to ensure a seamless integration the forum will not be available for use during that time.


We plan to begin the updates on Monday, July 13th and should be back online by end of week.


We apologize for any inconvenience, as we know many of you use the forum for updates, connecting with others and learning more about Shutterstock.


Thanks for your patience and look forward to seeing you once we’re back online!

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great to hear it - can you bring back / relink my old forum account too please? I would like to be Chris instead of Christopher again.


there is a support ticket about it from April. I keep getting messages in that inbox I can't access.


have the forum ID numbers if you need them / lost them.



Once the forum is back up, please write in to contributor support and we will look into making those changes. Thanks!

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The forum will be going off line for maintenance shortly. Uploading and all other contributor account functions will be available as usual. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact submit@shutterstock.com

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I am new on Shutterstock. Would like to know how can I see who follows my profile on Shutterstock as well as what does community status mean and how it is being improved?


This is not something they're realistically going to incorporate since they don't want contributors contacting customers directly, etc. 

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I could not access the forum via pc browsers anyone has idea?


I've been locked out of the forum for the last three weeks, apparently because of some sort of glitch with permissions. It's all sorted now, thanks to Vincent and the team, but if anyone else is having the same problem, send an email to submit@shutterstock.com and they'll fix it for you.

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