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And right on cue, big head arrives.

After 13 dry days, made 25 cents today. Cause for celebration I guess. Let the champagne flow.

I think the download fairies are all under quarantine from the coronavirus...

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This month seems to be definitely my worst since I started on SS. Not a single SOD, ODD or EL, but only a basic 0.10 subs. In the long run it is for me probably dead end:


The overall trend here is for me unfortunately unpleasantly clear. It's downhill like a roller coaster. Oh well, so much time and effort that now seems completely wasted for nothing...


Yeah i'm a little depressed right now.

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So it really turned out the way I wrote. My worst mont since I started on SS. Not in the number of downloads, but definitely in earnings. There were a few more downloads yesterday, but again only 0.10.


SOD, ODD and EL completely disappeared for me. 0.10 would have to come literally in the hundreds(or thousands - if someone is exclusive to SS only) every day to compensate the new revenue structure.(if there are no SOD, ODD or EL.) Now I earn more(only from ad) on my YouTube channel with just over 3,5k subscribers than on SS. This is absolutely ridiculous!

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Haven't been on here for a while and rarely even bother to check earnings anymore. Then I saw how the first week of the month went, lo and behold it's still crap. Matter of fact, it's worse. It went lower than low. Then probably will hit the lowest at the end of the year. It's only getting worse on SS and there's nothing we can say they'll listen to.

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1 hour ago, Marbury said:

34 cents for my videos. What an insult imagine what I could have earned from those not so long ago. Dire. Depressing. Unethical. Greedy

You say that is low? Wait till you get a $0.26, it doesn't even show up on the graph, the line is so thin.

Yes, it is a big insult, I feel with you.

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On 9/16/2020 at 1:17 PM, Marbury said:

Its pretty much over for earning in stock media. We need an artist revolution!

I don't know if a revolution could solve the problem.

Here, by us all art forms are starving. Finally they opened cinemas and theaters but with the social distancing, no art form is sustainable with a few people in the public. Also, small shops/companies are closing one after the other, nobody is doing good except maybe banks and IT.

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