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And right on cue, big head arrives.

After 13 dry days, made 25 cents today. Cause for celebration I guess. Let the champagne flow.

34 cents for my videos. What an insult imagine what I could have earned from those not so long ago. Dire. Depressing. Unethical. Greedy

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Not sure if this applies to anywhere else, but where I am from getting pooped on by a bird... is said to bring good luck :)


I have a very lucky car. :-)


Sunday was slow, Sunday night I had a couple showing on the map, not in earnings.


Got up Monday morning and a flock of downloads and income had been registered.


I've suspected for some time that there's processing lag, and reporting delays. We shouldn't assume anything from the map or even earnings, reporting - times or days.


My last batch across the entire map (except Western US of course) from side to side, all showed first, early Monday morning. Which doesn't make sense if you figure out that half those businesses were closed and it was Sunday night.

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I am here to whine. After a good day yesterday, today is dead as a dodo :( Hope kicking will help!


I also had a decent day yesterday - not fabulous, but no complaints. I expect that means that after my 1 OD today, I'm done for the day....or days.


Well, yesterday wasn't horrible - not as good as Tuesday, but better than I thought it would be....so, of course, I've had only 1 sub today.



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