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Here's mine. You're welcome to copy this idea.  

Far,Far and away My most popular and one of my First uploads, Many thousands and thousands of downloads till they decided that Most Popular didn't count anymore .Nor my referrals they took away also.A

Posted Images

my most earning:

a self portrait in some ski gear when I was bored.



and my most volume of sales;


number 2 most popular "niagara falls" image on SS.

extremely easy to replicate with the rainbow on an even partially sunny day, but I'm not telling you what time of day that happens at. (lol)


last time I went to Niagara falls i found this picture on tons of tourist products in all the gift shops.


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well, mine is one, that was photographed countless of times by millions of people, but never with exactly the same light ;-)





P.S. Feel free to copy my work process and sleep on a bench in Hohenschwangau at sub-zero temperatures, to get up there before sunrise :-p

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