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'Clips and Images to be submitted' How long before deleted?

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I will be traveling and in a hotel for a couple of weeks and so would like to upload clips from home now where I have excellent internet speed and then work on key words, etc. from the hotel where internet speed is way less (thus, I don't want to upload video from questionable hotel bandwidth).


Does anyone know how long files stay in the 'Clips and Images to be submitted section' of the SS Contributor page, or do they ever get deleted? I may need up to 2 to 3 weeks. Do you think I have that long? Thanks.

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Thanks Rekindle,


Good information for the future. I will also try uploading a clip from the hotel room to see how long it takes and report back here in case the information is helpful to others. I'm sure the time variability is wide, but perhaps not too painful (walk away and do something else while uploading).

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