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John Huntington

Weird Problem with "Submit Images"

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I uploaded a bunch of photos, and then went to try and submit them and I got a very weird problem where most of the controls in the submit window don't work. Also, keywords are not suggested, and "Save" and "Submit" don't work. I figured it was a browser problem, so I tried another, and had the same problem. I rebooted, same problem. I reuploaded the photos, same problem, although now there are two copies of each photo, and I can't delete any of them.. I went to my laptop, and same problem. I submitted a technical support request and haven't heard anything back. Here's a little video of the problem first in Firefox and then in Chrome. You can't tell, but I'm clicking on every button in the screen.



Anyone have any ideas how to get out of this?



John Huntington

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