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Good program rjmiz! Can be somewhat complicated for the novice.

As I stated in another topic, I like and use Pinncale Studio 9 Plus (though I beleive version 10 is now out). It is a very easy to use

(drag and drop) program with a very slight learning curve.

You can capture with it, edit (by which I mean take out the crap, add audio...transitions...sfx...etc...and make file with it, like .avi / mov. / .mpg / etc...)

My advice would be to submit video without sound though! Most buyers will add their own.

There are other programs, the cheaper one's have less quality and the better one's are way too expensive!

Those are my thoughts;


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I like and use "Vegas 5"

Any chance of a review of Vegas? I've used Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premeire (and a touch of Avid, but not much.)


Always good to hear about the other software out there. I've seen ads for Vegas, but that's about it.

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