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Hooray! Celebration thread☺

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Today I had a video getting downloaded twice, $80 a pop. As a result, I'm enjoying my best day ever. Thank you, buyer.

I just sold a single photo for $48.67, my highest sale yet! Not bad for a quick holiday snap.     https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/road-turning-right-green-hills-blue-1447

I finally crawled over the milestone.

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I'm only posting here to bump this thread back up near the Doom and Gloom thread. I figured all along that this thread would disappear before the Doom one. We really do prefer misery, don't we (humans in general).

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hohoho congrats!


another thing, it seems popular search got fixed, i just noticed my firework started selling again after 7 days of no sales, it's back on page #1 of most popular.


yes! I noticed, too. My pancake tie is back on page one for 'fathers day' and has already sold 12x today. I just wish we had a few more days between 'the fix' and the holiday. ...but still, I'm happy with it! =)

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