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Barry Blackburn

Hooray! Celebration thread☺

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I can see what you mean (that is, after putting on my 2.0 readers).  If you told them you were a Shutterstock contributor, they would probably let you off the hook - after a 24-48 hr hold, lol.  

But nice shot, hope it sells for you!

Thanks! Still not sure if I should submit to Micros or RM at midstock. These types of shots need a decent payout considering the risk I took.

Looking through search engines this type of image is relatively rare and even rarer in the US and Europe (for obvious reasons). 

I had to paste a small version since no watermark.

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45 minutes ago, Alexandre Rotenberg said:

Great stuff! I can see you've got lots of new illustrative editorials :) 

Those don't sell. Though I just posted in the "Sold for the 1st time" topic - one of those.

Haven't had a chance to go out to shoot in a while now; hence those editorials.

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February has been my best month since I joined (April 2017) in terms of the total number of sales with about 70% more downloads than in December and January. In terms of revenue, it is the 2nd BME on Shutterstock and a more than 100% percent increase over the past two months. Spread across all platforms, it was by far the best month ever in both terms. Just a drop of optimism that keeps me motivated to upload some more images. :D

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