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Who wants a raise?

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Yes! Yes! Share the profits!


Current Quarter vs. Prior Year:


For the third quarter 2012, analysts estimate SSTK will generate revenues of $40.8M, an increase of 31.00% over the prior year third quarter results.





Gross Profit Margin (%)


Operating Profit

Margin (%)


Net Profit Margin (%)



Cash as Percent of Total Assets (%) (MRQ)




Cash Flow per Share

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More money is always good but if they are not inclined to give a raise I'd like to see more creative options along the lines of the SOD sensitive use program.


Allow per-image Opt-Out for sensative use so more can participate.


Exclusive image collection with a premium on commissions. After a year it goes back into the regular collection and you can upload to other sites. Keeps the exclusive colletion limited to a fresh rotation of images.


"Upload Bonus" in the form of higher commission for a period of time after it's uploaded - ie: a penny or two more on subs for the first year then it goes back to the regular commission levels. Encourages new uploads but only pays out on images that are on-target and selling.


They are not going to just hand out money in the form of paying us more for exactly what we're doing today. Maybe if we post some creative ideas for new vehicles they'll decide to implement one or two.

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A raise does not give you more money!


A raise means that prices go up for the buyers and it remains to be seen what that means.


Since Shutterstock is hopefully operating on maximizing revenues and thus far has been sharing the margins with photographers, I do not particularly care whether they increase the number of sales or the profits per sale.


A minority opinion

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