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Pick your favorite image from the person above you

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18 hours ago, MrSorbias said:

I like this picture, because it has some interesting contrast. Little bit in colors, but also in the mind level. People are living there in right side and then in the other side you have very heavy industrial business going on. So the local folks probably are watching those ships very close every day. stock-photo-oman-landscape-panorama-from

Wow! That was a seriously good review! Thanks a ton!

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13 minutes ago, Agnieszka Pas said:

Beautiful photos, it's difficult to pick just one. I like this one because of the composition and the light on the sculpture's face. It seems to be a great place to visit.

Sculpture of Decebalus, king of Dacians

Thank you for apreciation!

It's located at Danube's gorges in Romania, the sculpture is huge. It is a good place to visit.

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