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Pick your favorite image from the person above you

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I'm sure this has been played before on this site but just in case it hasn't here are the rules:


1. Look at the persons portfolio directly above you in this thread. Pick out your favorite photo from their port and post it here.

2. Try not to just pick from their most popular photos sometimes you can find some hidden Gems a bit farther back in their port

3. You must have a portfolio to post here sorry :)

4. Give a brief explanation of why you picked that image.


I think this will be fun and educational :)


To start I am going to pick at random from the last person I saw posting in the forums which was Lissandra. But as not to confuse people, even though I wish someone else could start, technically since I am the person to start this thread, the next person to post must pick a photo from my port. Make sense??? Okay lets get started.




I loved this image and how the dogs tongue is hanging out the side. It made me smile when I saw it :)



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