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Submitting Black and White Images

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Glad you got them through. B&W shots if done correctly to me can have greater impact than a color shot. The problem is that some think all you need to do is a simple conversion to B&W which often does not work. I hope they do well for you.


From what I see it looks like you were out in the Tetons.


We were, Dave; there and Yellowstone. That was 2 years ago. We take an extended RV trip each year. This past fall was South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon and Northern California.


Just watched a TV program on Yellowstone in winter. We're thinking about it. :-)


I cut my teeth on B&W -- processing my own film and prints.


Picked up a used Epson R1400 and have been making a few prints. Still enjoy the B&W feel.

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