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.MTS to QuickTime H.264

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For windows you can convert with Streamclip or Cineform Neoscene to an .avi file and then edit in your software program and render out in Quicktime.mov, or you can get the latest Adobe video editing software that can handle the camera files.


For Mac computers the latest version of Final Cut can handle the AVCHD files and render out as .mov

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Better way to convert AVCHD files to QuickTime H.264 for submitting footage to Shutterstock?


I dont know what OS you are using. if you works on a windows computer, you may try format factory (free), or ffmpeg (command line available).


For a Mac OS X, you may use FCP to render out QuickTime H.264 file, or follow the guide about MTS to QuickTime H.264.


To keep the quality of the file, generally keep the default output settings.


Try it and tell how it goes.

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What editing software you are using?


Some of the newer editing platforms like Sony Vegas can native read AVCHD files and you can directly export your edited clips to H.264. I am sure Premiere CS6 or FCP X can do that as well (have not used themj though).


Just on that point of output codecs, it's best to use PhotoJPG (although the files get really big).

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