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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

Wendy, if you are Sari, who is Sari today :-)

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My port may not be a masterpiece, but all my friends are in there... I love to see Tux getting DLs nearly daily, it reminds me of what a cool Dude he was.... as well as the little gray kitteh that got eat up by coyotes...



If I traded my port in I'd be missing my friends.....




Kel - geez... I've only had two DLs all afternoon. Never mind that the day started out nice, it didn't last long....


Go Girl!

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I found it.... and I remember the words just before it and right after it.... must have had a brain fart....!


You might want to go show it - stuff like that on your face is too close to your brain, and you never know what might travel where through your blood.... better be safe than sorry!


Ya hear me?!

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