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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

Oh, I absolutely believe you. I bawled like a baby when I was medicating the other ginger boy, I felt totally rotten at first for making him so miserable. Luckily we both adjusted, I got better techni

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Hey Mike!!! Good to see you!!! You need to stick around more!!! :)



Rudy - I've never had sushi that I know of -- except for Gravlax which is a Scandinavian "sushi" -- and I LOVE it!!

I need to find some good fresh salmon so I can make my own :)

Salmon cured with Dill,Salt and pepper:



And how to make it:






I hope your day is going great!!! :)



Sari - Of course I know that graavi-lohi or gravlax is great and of course I know what it tastes like. It is in the same "Family" as Nova and Lox.


Ever tried Dutch pickled herring?


(Haarlem - in the video- is my hometown BTW and I am very familiar with everything you see in that video. I think I mentioned it before. Can't be sure at my age LOL)


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Finnish style is that similar to Danish style? I had Danish Herring plenty of times.


The Dutch style is different than the Danish. Dutch pickled herring is much saltier and stronger tasting and you eat it with raw or blanched onions


(I am sure that by now some here are beginning to feel "funny" in the stomach LOL. What did I do with that darn Emetrol?)

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Rudy - I think I read it someplace just minutes ago that the Dutch one is much stronger... but I can't find where any more...LOL


Quote from wiki's Finnish section about herring:

Suomessa ja Ruotsissa on tapana marinoida suolasillin filepaloja etikkaa, sokeria, suolaa ja mausteita sisältävissä mausteliemissä (matjessilli, perhesilli, sipulisilli, sinappisilli).


In Finland and Sweden it's customary to marinate herring filets in marinades made of vinegar, sugar, salt and spices (matjes herring, family herring, onion herring and mustard herring).


I understand the matjes herring comes from the Dutch version ;)




... oh, and I don't do a whole lot of raw onions -- I like them cooked, but not raw. They don't agree with me...LOL



... ah, and a double oh! I love smoked herring!!!!

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Well this sucks. The laptop my son was using for school just stopped communicating with the router. I talked to the tech guy (and I use that term extremely loosely) and we couldn't get it fixed. So we have to take the friggen thing to the school tomorrow to get it fixed. I'd have done it by myself but noooooo I don't have administrator access to that laptop so I'm locked out of damn near everything.


If I could just get the other desktop computer fixed we wouldn't need that stoooopid laptop.


Added to that the dl's have come to a screeching halt. Been stuck on 10 since 10am. And I was hoping today would be the day that I break past 27 *sigh*

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Anita - is that a school laptop? So they only have the admin rights? What an annoyance!! :|



I hate days like that - they look like they start out great and then everything dies, not a peep from DLs for the rest of the day. I hope your port gets another flood of DLs before the day is over! :)

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Barry Please. You torture me! (and Sari I am sure)


Is that actual food?



Anita - I understand and sympathize. None of that stuff comes with a manual (with pictures of course)as it should either.

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Yep Sari it's the school's laptop. And I'm not going to be able to go down there tomorrow to have that moron fix it the bf will have to do that seeing as he's always got my damn car.


Yep Rudy I like diagrams with pretty pictures and simple words ;)


I can fix a lot of issues but when you don't have access it makes it impossible. The best thing that guy could do would be to take the system back to it's pre-us state so I can get it to communicate with the router and put it back on my routers list. Course that'll keep him from being logged into the school until older sister is done on this computer or I could just call his teacher and tell her what's going on tomorrow and that he can get his other work done that doesn't require him turning things in online.


I just need to price out a new motherboard for the other computer course there's no monitor for it unless the one out in the storage shed will work which it probably won't.


Man I need a drink!

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I had some of it before Kelly, but I am a spoiled little kid nowadays. (last 20 years or so) I don't eat it anymore. Fortunately I can buy all that stuff fresh down here.


That Tilapia fish filet looks the same as cod or Pollock.

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Hi from Thursday folks!


Bummer on it being too wet for a car show Barry!


Sari I love the card for Rudy.


Rudy you can keep the sushi ... i am not a big fan of rice I am afraid. (psst that photo Barry put up is not "food" but "food like products" lol)


Anita I guess trying to sketch right handed would not be the best if you are not used to it. Maybe the best thing is pencil sketching and then take a photo (quicker than scanning lol). Things are quiet here again ...

Bummer on the school laptop, I hope you get the computer woes fixed soon. Breaking 27 would be nice (I only need to break 5 to beat my previous record lol). It sure makes things difficult. Pity you cant pick up a preloved lappie off ebay or something at a reasonable price.


Kelly cant wait to see where your creativity took you this time.


Mike having a job you love is awesome, too many people languish doing things they hate!


You guys seem to talk about weird food ....


Do people actually eat Tilapia? It's a noxious pest out here, some dipstick introduced it into the waterways and it is killing the local fish!

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I had some of it before Kelly, but I am a spoiled little kid nowadays. (last 20 years or so) I don't eat it anymore. Fortunately I can buy all that stuff fresh down here.


That Tilapia fish filet looks the same as cod or Pollock.

Why do you buy it?


Get a pole and a crabpot and have at it!




I forgot to ask how much of it comes from the poluted side of the Gulf of Mexico?


I still think a major Hurricane in the Gulf will bring up alot of missing oil from BP.

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Hi Wendy


Only Sashimi for you then LOL


Tilapia is a pest where I live too. People farm them in fish farms, but they also get in the natural waterways, lakes and the Everglades of course where they don't belong.


I believe they are indigenous in Africa somewhere.




Barry - Only the shrimp and that comes from the most southern part of the gulf. The most popular shrimp, tigershrimp, is farmed. Sorry, but I am not too wild about crab and lobster. I will definitely not handle them. They have more then 4 legs and you know my philosophy about that.


Most commercial fish down here comes the Mexican and Honduras waters.


I am waiting for my honey bunny to come home. So we can eat.

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