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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

Sari, the reviews are very inconsistent. I get clips rejected for noise, dust, what ever when a clip from the same shoot same settings same everything is accepted. I resubmit the rejected footage and

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Yeah Wendy I wish the brush I downloaded was a little more graphitey. And I realized I still can't sketch right handed. I'm gonna need that graphics tablet in order to do that. I swear if it isn't one thing it's another with me.


Today started off with a bang but has since fizzled. Hopefully it'll pick up for everyone this afternoon.




Ruuuudy! A message to you Rudy!




Have fun later when you're out and about on yer special day.

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Hey Mike!!! Good to see you!!! You need to stick around more!!! :)



Rudy - I've never had sushi that I know of -- except for Gravlax which is a Scandinavian "sushi" -- and I LOVE it!!

I need to find some good fresh salmon so I can make my own :)

Salmon cured with Dill,Salt and pepper:



And how to make it:






I hope your day is going great!!! :)

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