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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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Went to show a friend where the Egrets nest on the other side of the island this morning. Of course, none of them were there yet as it's still a bit early in the season, but she wanted to know for later so she can go on. her own. So we hit the shoreline afterwards to do a bit of birding. It was the peak of high tide so the birds were in nice and close. The plovers were flocking. It was pretty cool. Still uploading video clips but the review times are pretty fast. Here's my favorite from the day.




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Wendy, they do it more in the winter when it's cold. There were a lot more but I wanted it to be wall to wall birds in the entire frame, so I zoomed way in for that clip. I have some others where they're further away and it shows them coming on and off the beach and then one where they're flocking over the water zig zagging in groups passing each other with a guy paddling his canoe off in the distance. That one just got cleared so it'll take a bit to get live.


Thanks Jeff. There's apparently a pair of bald eagles nesting about 35 min south of here. I'm going to try and get some photos and video of them probably friday. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Just figured out tentatively where they are. Heard about them through the photo club (the club is good for some things like this :) )

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This is a Hooded Plover. I'm told it's quite a rare bird. I took the shot as we were walking along the beach on Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia on our way to Cape Woolamai to see the Shearwaters arriving home. No photos of the Shearwaters because it was dark when they started arriving. Even so, one of the great wildlife experiences.


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Sheila - wow, that's a lot of birds! 😮

Not sure if there are any plovers around here, possibly at the lake, where I literally never go - LOL!


The cold is going to last way longer than I'd like... and it's going to be colder than they first said. Wind chills near zero F the next two nights, about -7F Saturday night, and in the -15F range on Sunday and Monday nights. Also snow in forecast on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

I'm already ready for it to get WARMER....haha :P


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Pete, the group we had here were black bellied plovers and a mix of others, so I didn't specify exact species because it was a mix. I only know because some avid knowlegable birders showed up while I was there :D I pegged them as sandpipers initially. It was high tide so they all come in much closer to land and group together more then too because there's not as much space. During the low tide, there's half a mile of mushy beach. I think the bay is all saltwater, but it might be estuary in that area because of the fresh water coming out of the estuary on the inner side of the island into the bay.


Sari, yeah, I think the plovers stick close to larger bodies of water. It's definitely cool to see (and capture) when one gets lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time.


Supposed to get more rain today so probably will put off anymore nature events til Friday. I do miss taking photos, but I've submitted 20+ new greeting card designs in the last few weeks, so at least I've still been somewhat productive.

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Did the cold spell cover the whole world and freeze all of y'all's fingers? :P

We're at 10F today, wind chills in the zero to -5F range. Also, snow in the forecast for almost every day from tonight till Wednesday night. At first they said we'd get 12+ inches of snow just tomorrow and Monday, but they backed that down to just 8-12 inches...LOL

It's a lot of extra work, but I'm glad it didn't happen a few weeks ago, LOL!


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16 minutes ago, Sari ONeal said:

Did the cold spell cover the whole world

Yep.  It's been below freezing here for a couple of weeks or so with a wind chill factor making it around -8c (near the south coast of England).  In Scotland it's been -23c. I've been like a madwoman in the garden every morning still in my nightwear hammering the thick ice of the water bowls for the hedgehog, fox, squirrels, cats and birds etc. Even the ponds have frozen.

It's the fox I feel sorry for.  I'm not allowed to feed him as it encourages him and he might gobble up a cat 😞 Being an urban fox, I really don't know how they survive 😞


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Deb - your Vulpes vulpes is beautiful!

Yeah, I'm doing the ice  / water run for chickens, the barn cat and the shop cat, and the horses while they're in the barn. The barn cat and shop cat both have a warm place to sleep, but their water bowls freeze over, and so do their food bowls if there's wet food in them. So I have to keep tossing out the ice and replacing it with water. When the horses are in the barn their buckets freeze over as well, so we're replacing them a couple of times a day. They do go out for a few hours (so far, anyway) every day, and their water trough is heated, so the water in there is nice and warm. If there was no wind they could probably stay out, but with the gusty wind it's just too cold.

The wild birds can still get water from the little creek on the west side, it's still open in a few spots. I keep checking on it when I go check my trail cams, so that I can poke a hole in the ice if it starts freezing completely over. I suspect that will happen soon, though, as it's just getting colder every day and night, and I probably won't be able to keep the water open for long when it gets cold enough. It's pretty flipping cold, and it's still a long long way to go.


I did just sell a video from last year of a Blue Jay eating at a snowy feeder (for a whopping dollar), so I guess it's COLD where ever they bought that one, too.



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Not much happening here. Cold, but not as cold as you all are getting. We are actually getting a high of 61 F today. Found the nest with bald eagles yesterday. It's about 45 min south of us. Closer to where Jeff used to live. I got there a bit later in the day than I had planned (cat fight in the stairway at 3 am ish threw off my sleep schedule and I woke up from the alarm I'd set to remind me to leave). so they weren't as active by the time I got there. I'll probably go back tomorrow and try again. Hopefully it won't be as windy. Hard to stabilize the 500mm lens in the wind.

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Yeah, Sheila, you need to be able to stabilize it from both below and side to keep it steady enough in wind. It can be tricky. Or, you need to be able to get the front of the lens on something sturdy, but it can restrict your ability to move around enough.


Charles - that's a beautiful bird there. We get them, too, but they won't let you close enough to shoot, unless they can't see you at all.

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