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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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Sheila, bummer over cooking the turkey, but you can make some curry using it :-)

Susan went untraditional on me and did Lamb instead, and we will be having lamb curry in a day or two with the left over.

I am not a cat person, but love my dogs, however, found I have mice in my barn, so may need to get a barn cat or a rat dog, (Jack Russel)

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I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

I've definitely been floored by the whole thing. Trying to keep up with reading the thread about it, but gave up around page 72. I agree that if we have to start at the bottom every January, they shou

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Neighbors have at least four dogs, one roams some days, really pretty coon hound. I've seen a rats, but we have lots of competition, racoon, squirrels, voles, mice, moles, bunnies, who knows what else. Then there's the local toad and frog population in the Summer, plus a nice variety of wild birds. What I'm getting at is, we'd like to have a cat, but even with acres open around us, I'd worry about how long it would last, and the highway in front is 55MPH. Then 2 miles of fields and farms. The cats could hardly resist crossing the road? (oh did I say cats? Yes I've always had two or more, because they need friends to play with!)

I finally did the turkey on a charcoal grill that I've said I wanted to do for years. Indirect heat, drippings go into the pan, if someone was making gravy? Giblet water, apple, raisins, walnuts in the stuffing. Sweet potato and fresh cranberries, the real kind not that jell in a can junk.

It was nice enough, in the 40s and light rain. For Wisconsin, in November, that's a nice day. I remember ice storms, and snow other years, but also in the 50s. Quite variable, no predicting. But since no travel because of Covid, we had a nice dinner for two at home.


Plop and shoot, hand held LED flashlight in one hand, camera in the other... snap, go carve the turkey. Uploaded and approved in minutes.

Now about those leftovers. I love turkey, not a problem, and the grilled method, turned out really juicy instead of dried out like baked in the oven. I'm very happy with the results. I'll probably carve it up the rest of the way, tonight. We'll freeze some for the future. I mean, only a 10 pound turkey but there are only two of us. We finished on breast last night, that leaves quite a bit of leftovers.

Next, home made cheese Ravioli for Christmas. Meat TBD. I could go for a grilled duck?


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Jeff, might have to suggest a curry to my husband. He's a big fan of curry so he'd probably be open to that idea. I like it but it can't be too spicy. Reflux sucks so I can't eat a lot of super spicy food anymore. At least not in the evening. I can sometimes get away with it for lunch, but definitely not for dinner. Night time is when the symptoms tend to be the worst (probably partly because I always remember to take the pepcid in the morning but rarely remember to take it before dinner time).  I haven't decided what we are having for Christmas dinner yet. I grilled a few steaks for the kids for Thanksgiving since they won't eat Turkey at all.


And the little guy is going to be three next week. Hard to believe it's been that long. Sent him a bunch of presents so my dtr is going to set up a zoom call so we can watch him open them. Had a TDay zoom call with my husbands side of the family so at least I know how to do it now. There were so many people on though that it was hard to say much most of the time since the speaker only allows for one person at a time to actually talk. FIL was apparently trying to say things several times but got cut off.


I think Sebastian probably has that terrier in him as he'll chase anything that moves. Not sure he'd actually kill a rat, but he'd definitely chase one. He chases the squirrels all the time, even when they're up on the fence. He runs along under it and barks at them. Finally got him not to bark when they're scurrying along the roof above our bedroom, but he still perks up and growls at the sound of the movement. Nobody is going to be able to break in here unannounced. LOL.


Great Turkey shot Pete! We talked about doing the turkey on the grill because the oven has been intermittently not working, but it worked all day yesterday so we didn't have to experiment with that.


It was so windy yesterday I think half the leaves from the street trees fell as a result. Had a 6 inch layer of leaves in the side yard alone (the entire length of the house). Too much for the leaf blower to manage as I just have a little electric unit. Hopefully they come to do the pick up as they normally do on Fridays (we just blow them to the street and make piles and the city picks up with their vacuum truck) but I'm thinking since yesterday was a holiday and the regular trash pick up for the end of the week is off by a day, they may not come til Monday or Tuesday. Got a notice that they're going to trim the trees again too (they did a lot last year, but not as much as they really needed to do IMO, so I'm glad they're coming back). But now I need to figure out where to park the cars as we can't have them on the street or in the driveway and neither can anyone else on the block so we'll all be looking for parking blocks away. 1st world problems.

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It's not often that we have to do that, but still inconvenient when it needs to be done. Hopefully it'll only be one day that we'll be impacted by it. And maybe I can even get some more photos and video of their working. They seem to think it's strange that I'm taking photos too.


Had a zoom call with our dtr today so our grandson could open his birthday presents from us. that was fun. He's quite animated and just loved his plastic dinosaurs. They came in their own bin so at least clean up should be a bit easier :) 

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Thanks for the nice wish, Wendy. The reality is that the DLs today have been a  far cry from last week's daily DLs, and the $$ even lower. Oh well!


The weather people are calling for snow for Wednesday night with the low just barely below freezing. We'll see I guess.


I gotta get my butt in gear and wrap, package and mail the Christmas stuff to the other side of the world so it has a chance to make it there in time.


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Yeah, downloads are on the decline here too. I have 100 more than Nov last year, but still several hundred dollars less in terms of earnings. Thanks to the 10¢ commissions and all. Hopefully December is a better end to the year, but not going to hold my breath. We have cooler weather, but nothing like snow here. Maybe some rain in the forecast. So far just raining leaves. I blew off a section of the street to park the car last night and by this afternoon you couldn't tell. It was covered in leaves again. The street sweeper never did come on friday. Probably due to the holiday schedule and all.


I did get my tree up. It's not decorated, but it's up and the lights are on. The dog isn't quite sure what to think about it but so far, he hasn't messed with it at all

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Downloads for Monday where more like a normal Sunday - not so good :( Looks like the holiday slow down has started. May be I need to do more xmas images, probably mostly what is selling now and I don't have many, hmmm.
On the plus side I've finished my Christmas cards and spent yesterday wrapping presents. Not finished but getting there. No snow here yet and I'm happy to keep it that way!

Don't the cats kill your Christmas tree Sheila?! I've never know a cat that can resist the tree temptation LOL.


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I actually (wow) had about 50 DLs more in November than last year, but about $30 less.

December is looking weak already.


I only have a few items to wrap and mail for the g-daughter and step-g-son (he's five), and the rest of the stuff (pic books and calendars made from my pics) are being printed as we speak, and my daughter will get those from the print house and give them to the recipients. Sometimes the interwebz can make things easier :)

Our "snow" will probably be more rain, a wee bit of wet snow, and just cold enough so I will have to stick at least the oldest horses in the barn again. Wet and cold just don't mix, as always.


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Linda, they used to mess with the tree, but not so much anymore. Except the older cat will pee on the tree skirt, so I don't put one down anymore. She is getting a bit senile I think. We haven't actually put up a tree the last two years because we weren't here, so it hasn't been out in some time. I need to probably hire someone to put up hooks around the eves on the house so I can put the outside lights up more easily each year. Having a two story makes it much harder to get them up. It'd be easier if I could just string them up from the ground with a pole, but that requires having hooks installed first. We are back in pandemic lock down for the next three weeks, so not likely I can get someone out to do that this year either. We even have a curfew from 10PM to 5AM. Not that that really affects us in this household. We aren't generally out that late anyway.


Sari, I probably got a little crazy with the gifts for my g-son this year, but his birthday is tomorrow so we split them up between his birthday and Christmas. Just sent the final box yesterday, but half of that was air so I put balloons from my youngest dtr's bday in there to make sure things didn't shake around. Realistically, I should've tried cutting the box to make it smaller. It would've been cheaper to ship that way. All I need to do now is send out my cards and the money I've been sending my nephew for Christmas since my dad died (since I know he sent him money for Christmas and he doesn't get much of anything from the family on his mom's side). I just have to verify his address b4 sending that so it makes it to him and not to his mom. The fun with extended family at the holidays. Pandemic restrictions don't seem so bad in that respect.


I still haven't found my motivation to do much photography lately. Mostly working on a crochet project and watching either Netflix or DVD's. And doing some gardening. Starting seedlings in my kitchen window so they're decent size for spring. My cilantro is about an inch and a half tall now. Thinking I'll start some green onions in there too. I put pots with holes in the bottoms towards the middle of the planters so I can plant some veggies elevated from the dog. Esp important for the onions since they're toxic to dogs and cats, but we use them a lot in cooking. The elevated levels will give them more light between the herbs too. The oregano and rosemary get pretty big.

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1 minute ago, Sheila Fitzgerald said:

Wendy, Ive been there too. there's no option for hugs on the emoji. Hopefully your dad and husband are doing well. I know you've had a rough year in addition to all the headache from the pandemic

Thanks Sheila, I am counting my blessings though, things could have been a lot, lot worse. I am sure the mojo will come back :)  hugs back to you xxx Hubby is going pretty good now. Dad is still in his wheelchair, he had an xray a week ago and the break from 18 months ago has not joined together, the plate is the only thing keeping it together. The feeling of his knee giving way is possibly his prosthesis being loose (the break may have caused that). He is having more scans next week so they have a better idea. I am not keen on him having more surgery at nearly 88 so we will see what the options are,

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And for those of you who haven't seen this on facebook (since I posted it there) I found one of my images in this book. Was glancing at it to see what other cat images are out there and found one of mine. First time I've found an actual hard copy print of one of my images. Usually it's all just online stuff.


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Congrats on the great find, Sheila. It always makes one's day to spot something like that :)

Was that a calico girl, that stripe on the nose is such a tortie thing?


Our snow chances have turned to cold rain chances, and most of it should be gone in another few hours.

I got the Xmas stuff mailed, so that's off my shoulders now. Yay :)


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Yeah, she was a diluted calico. Thought she was a diluted tortie at first, but then all the white started showing up when she was about 8 weeks old. One of the more photogenic fosters we've had. Congrats on getting the Xmas stuff in the mail. Always a good feeling to have that all done.


Sebastian is digging in my pots in the backyard. They're in a fenced off area too so quite frustrating. He came in covered in mud this evening. I need to stop that behavior or my garden will be a wreck when I get to planting in a few months.

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He's definitely got his days. He's being a bit of a turd about chasing the cats lately, more so than usual. I just blocked his exit out to the backyard because he was out there barking non-stop at 9PM. I'm sure the neighbors just loved that. Probably one of the cats sitting up on the patio cover (that's the area he was barking at). Doubt it was a squirrel since they're not usually out and about this time of night. Hopefully it's just a phase. I've taken to confining him to our room at night again the last few weeks because he'll tear downstairs after one of the cats when they do their wandering at night through the house. Ariel mainly ignores him, but Jasmine being older and having lost so much weight this past year, we don't want him torturing her. I think I mentioned that we keep food in my dtr's room now for Jamine now too (since she spends most of her time home in there). The last vet trip she was down almost a full pound from her previous appointment the previous year, which is a lot for an 8 -9 lb cat to loose.

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You can't park in your own driveway? Wow, California, I'm not going there. Of course where I am, the only kind of service is the county plowing the roads. Water, trash, basically everything else, we're on our own. Taxes are low though?

We did a Skype conference for Thanksgiving, which was pretty funny. I didn't know if my webcam was connected, and then I guess there's a Mic. somewhere. (can you tell I don't do that kind of thing much?) My Sister who is less computer literate , had a laptop, easy, everything built in. Hers worked better than mine. "Hey Pete you keep disappearing" OK I had a background turned on, and if the subject light gets weak, I was the invisible man. 😁

Our stove used to be finicky, the connections to the element in the back were old and disintegrating. I don't know if your Husband wants to get in there and crimp new terminals on the wires? If it's gas, usually the simple part is the thermal-couple that's not sensing the ignition properly and won't allow the gas to come on, after pilot detection. Dirty or just got bumped and needs to be in the right place for where the flame is.

I have the gas grill, which is my first, after I moved up here. $5 at a yard sale. "oh yeah it works..." No it didn't (what do you expect for $5?) but I got a LP tank with it, and I replaced the regulator myself. The tanks cost $25 around here. I've been having fun. Got a second grill for $15 with a partial tank. Took that one to the recycling center. In other words, we're set for outdoor gas cooking.

Last medium 18" size Weber kettle grill from the old house, came with me. The rest were rusted, missing wheels or I loaned them out, and they didn't come back home. So, at one of the auctions, there was one with new parts inside and the full size 22" model. Yeah, I bid for that and won. I can't remember exactly but it was the price of the top cooking grate, (probably $15) because I remember pricing things before the auction. Where's this headed? I realized I like the charcoal grill better, for flavor, but the gas is quick and easy.

When I'm planning ahead and the weather is nice, I do charcoal. When it's like last night, in the 30s/+2 and windy, light the gas!

No broiling inside, no smoke, no grease and stink. Oh and now I have two LP gas tanks which totaled $20, and both came with some gas in them. Regulator was $15.

For anyone who doesn't know Weber, I know they are big here, and originally invented in Illinois, so maybe not everywhere?


Pretty simple, adjustable vents under, and one on top. Nice big dome keeps the heat in for even cooking, unlike open grills. Very durable, I leave mine outside all year long, in the back yard, on a concrete pad.

One thing that stays with me, cooking or photo, and pretty much anything else! I have fun!



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Pete, the no parking in the driveway restriction is only for when they're trimming the trees. Because they don't want to be liable for any branches that may fall on any cars. I shot this two years ago when they trimmed them the last time. They should've been more aggressive in the trimming back then, but I guess they decided with all the fire precautions, they'd do it now. The trees were a lot greener then than they are right now too, so it'll be much easier to actually see all the branches this time around as well. I shot this from the first floor roof of my house




We have a built in gas BBQ. Apparently it comes with a lifetime warranty too because both times we had issues with it, they did repairs for free. BBQ food definitely tastes better than in the oven. We don't have a broiler in our oven. We have double convection ovens so no gas lines to that. They're old and no longer manufactured (parts no longer available). It wasn't working right when we moved in and the repair guy took out the fried units and we had to send them in to be re-furbished. When they came back he re installed them. These are the fried units







I didn't get photos of them before he reinstalled them all fixed. I figured they'd last a lot longer than a few years, but maybe not. Might be time to just replace the ovens. I do like having two ovens though. Makes it a lot more convenient for Thanksgiving and Christmas when we have a lot of people and are cooking multiple things at various temps.

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