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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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Wendy, I admit that having two rumbles in one day was quite something.

Linda, Fortean Times sounds like a very interesting publication. I wouldn't mind reading some issues myself. I think I'll wait before giving them the link to the video as the current links would only be temporary. When I reach my next payout, I'll be disabling my photo and video ports on SS. I also have the video available on Pond 5 but that will later be moved to my Pond 5 exclusive account along with my other editorial videos. 

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I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

Sari, the reviews are very inconsistent. I get clips rejected for noise, dust, what ever when a clip from the same shoot same settings same everything is accepted. I resubmit the rejected footage and

Posted Images

Greetings to everyone!

Good to see you are all busy at generating more money for Shutterstock.

I have been going into the toilet here, and seem to do better on Adobe and Deposit.

Sheila, sorry for the 'was' I meant 'is', I guess I was thinking of the trips we did together, and they are past tense 😉

Linda, we still have deer, although they have been somewhat MIA last couple of months, giving birth to youngsters. For whatever reason, just not as many around now, there is plenty of food elsewhere for them. Last winter we had as many as 20 in the driveway. Still have dozens of Turkey's, Dove, Quail, a myriad of smaller birds of various types, and frogs in the pond.

I have not been doing much in the way of photography, nor fishing, hunting, skiing or anything else other than amateur radio stuff, and stuff for the Sheriff's dept. So goes retirement.

Funny you guys should be talking about rumbles, I thought that we had moved away from the shaky state, and lo and behold we had an earthquake right here in Green Bluff, nothing major around a 3 I think they said, but it seemed like a freight train ran through the house, and Susan who was outside in the garden said it sounded like an explosion.

Here are a few of the most recent shots:

Sunset from the front of the house last month

Deer in the driveway and Bald eagles and magpies eating on a dead deer

Several cannabis growing  farms up here, as well as sunflowers, fruit farms, pumpkins, and Christmas tree farms.

2020-06-12 20.53.54 copy.jpg

IS1A5577 copy.jpg

27012018-Eagles on Dead deer-D800-06111 copy.jpg

05082016-Cannabis plants-D800-01821 copy.jpg

05082016-Sunflowers ar Deer Park-D300-24002 copy.jpg

20191117-Lake Manyara-D800-08328web.jpg

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Linda, the pond is looking spectactular! I'm sure your duck friends will really appreciate that once it's cured and you can fill it up.


Awesome wildlife shots there Jeff. What's that last little bird? Thought it was a hummingbird at first glance. I saw my first wood ducks IRL at Irvine Lake last year. I met up with Steve and Mike for a shoot out there. It was a lot of fun. Ended up going back to get this shot. The wood ducks were less than cooperative earlier in the day.



My second dtr still lives in the area so I have a reason to visit there still. My oldest moved to Arizona (not going there in the summer months). Just got back from visiting the grandson then the lock down orders went into effect. Once this pandemic garbage is cleared up, I'd love to come out and get a tour of the area. You just need to scope out the local hotel/motels for us and I'm sure the guys from So Cal would be willing to make the trip too :D 

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Thanks Sheila :D  The ducks are banned from this pond though, they have a bigger one down the garden. This one is just for the fish. I'm hoping the ducks being old and/or blind, wont try to jump up to get in it, but if they do I will have to put something over it to keep them out. The ducks are so messy, they'd eat the plants in the blink of an eye and turn the water to poop soup not long after lol. Poor fish wouldn't stand a chance. Anyway so far so good, no breakins attempted so far!
Beautiful colours on those Wood ducks.

Jeff it's good to hear the wildlife is still keeping you entertained :D I bet the deer will be back in full force once the food gets scarcer, they know you will top them up ;) I have a friend over your way (ish- USA!) that also has visiting deer, one comes along and rings her wind chimes everyday, wonderful creatures.

Great shots, especially love the deer and the bird at the end, a bee eater? I believe we had some of them fly over from the continent a few years back, weather must have been right for them. Yours looks tiny, I imagined them to be bigger, but I might be getting them mixed up, and I've never see one in real life so they could be any size really lol.

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Linda, awesome looking pond. And yea Ive heard how messy ducks can be. Beautiful looking birds though. We have chickens at the moment and they have an annoying habit of hanging out on an area of slate and pooping on it. They're not meant to be there and they keep coming back. 

Sheila and Jeff, great bird captures. 


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Fabulous birds Jeff (and the deer)

Linda our bee eaters are not very big, though that one looks smaller than the ones I have locally.

Patrick, I have nomadic chickens here too, if I leave the screen doors open they come in the house. I am not certain who owns them but they are here every day .... I just wish they would leave me eggs.



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Sheila, yeh you're right, a lot of people have left. Surprised to see Debbie go though, she was very active. Nice to see returnees like Jeff though :) 

Wendy sounds like those Bee eaters get about! Africa, Australia, Europe. I guess where there are bees there are Bee eaters!

Patrick, my ducks are different breeds, plus a mallard, so all different colours. I used to have a Cayuga, she was all black ❤️ I've never had chickens, funny how they go to just the place they aren't allowed lol. It's like they know and they are having a laugh at your expense! My ducks come down to the house in the summer and congregate outside the back door, they stay up at their pond in the winter. Must be something to do with a comfort factor, but what that is I'm not quite sure, most likely warmer on the water in the winter, but I would have thought it would be cooler there in the summer too. 
Wendy, my ducks come in the house too sometimes, I have to watch out for that, but it's funny that feral chucks dare to go in yours lol. I raised a wild mallard that would come back in the house and go to sleep in the dog bed. He was raised hands off so he could go back to the wild but he did it anyway :o 

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They are so cute!
I just had a look at their distribution, as they seem to be all over the place! Found this:


(By Jimfbleak - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52577499)

And a flock where seen in May over North Wales, oh I wish I'd seen them!

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I don't think I've ever seen a bee eater. They are beautiful colorful birds. The images I took of the wood ducks was the first time I'd ever seen them IRL too. I guess they like shadier areas with water because there were a lot of them at Irvine Park but the marsh that I usually hung out at, I'd never seen any there. They had more of the ruddy ducks.


had to send my 28-300mm lens in for repairs because it stopped focusing at most of the focal points and it was stiff as well. Just got the email with the estimated repairs. A bit pricy but still significantly cheaper than a replacement lens. So that'll cost me $340 and it'll be a few weeks before I get it back. Guess it's a good thing I'm not shooting very many events right now since that's usually my go to lens.

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Linda I did not realise the bee eaters were so widespread .... the only time I was in a position to get a shot I did not have the right equipment to get a good one ... so this is as good as it got for now.
As for the ducks coming in, at least yours belong to you, or think they do. These chickens scrounge here all day and then go home at night.

Charles that is a beautiful capture of the bee eater  ... it just shows that I need to do better!

Bummer on having to send the lens in for repair Sheila, but yes it sounds like repair is a better cost option than replacement.


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Wendy, I hadn't heard back from him since Monday so I messaged him yesterday to see what the status was and the replacement part "should" arrive from the warehouse around Monday, so hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday next week he'll be able to squeeze me in to finish the repair. I'm not too distressed about the time line since he hasn't been paid yet so I know he'll be back to finish, but I do miss being able to cook on the grill. Especially when it's so hot and we are supposed to get triple digits today and tomorrow. Forunately, we are closer to the water so we rarely get over 90, and with the offshore breeze, that's tolerable. But when there's no breeze or it's coming from inland, it's stiffling so the last thing one wants to do is cook inside heating the house up even more.

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Linda - your pond looks awesome, great job! :)

How does sandstone hold up in winter? The only "rock" around here is sandstone (I'm sure  there are different types of it around the world that have different qualities), and often if it gets wet and then freezes, it just busts up because it's so porous water gets inside it, and the expansion when it freezes is too much for the stone structure to hold up. Of course, they're not all the same even here, you can pick one up and it breaks in your hand, and the next one is solid. All ours is red in color, too. I've used it to edge some of my flowerbeds, but since it can break so easily it's a never ending job, and I neglect it. Of course, all my sandstone "rocks" are small, too.


Sheila - OUCHHHH on the lens repair! Holy crap that would so break my bank 😐


Jeff, long time no see! That Bee Eater is really pretty, I like that.

FYI, no-one would ever say  "2/5 kilometer", they'd say 400 meters instead :P

The county should have sent replacement people a lot earlier for y'all, standing out in 90F for hours is too much for most people, especially when people typically spend their time in air-conditioned spaces when it gets hot like that. Can't get used to the high temps in an instant, it takes 2-3 weeks for a human to get acclimated.



It was a wee bit hot here yesterday, too, the temperature was at 97F (36C) all afternoon, with high humidity, so the heat index was at 117F (47C). That's one of the higher ones I remember, although we did have a 116F heat index just last week or so? Luckily, just like last time it got so hot and humid, we had a bunch of storms blow through after sunset, and the temperature got to a nice cool level (about 70F / 21C).

But, we're back in the 100+F heat index today already, thanks to the humidity brought by the rain.... LOL!!!


Last night's capture



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Wendy, yeh, the ducks are mine, so it's my own fault really lol. 
I like the capture you got of your Bee eater, I know it's small in shot but in puts it in it's surroundings and it seems right it's small :)

Sheila, I thought your 'replacement part' was for your lens, I got very confused when a grill turned up in the sentence lol. I obviously missed a post or two! Anyway hope it gets sorted quickly for you.

Jeff, that sounds mighty unpleasant, hope you colleague is OK.

Sari, thanks about the pond :D To be honest I didn't think about the sandstone freezing and breaking up, hmmm! I think it should be ok. My house is made out of it and that's been standing nearly 200 years. Also the pond itself has a liner that means the pond water wont touch the retaining wall at all. The wall inside the pond is decorative, so if it does break up with freezing/thawing it wont effect the water level, just the look of it. I hope that doesn't happen but you could well be right that it does. I'll let you know in about 6 months! 
Great storm capture. Your wind directions are all over the place! Wow!

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Sari your heat and humidity followed by rain followed by humidity sounds really tropical. I hope you are getting plenty of rain. Love the storm video, not being able to see the storms here is something I really miss!

Thanks Linda, hopefully one day I will be able to get a capture like Charles' but yes it does give a sense of scale.  I hope your pond does hold up :)

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Sari, very nice time lapse of your local weather patterns. 

Jeff, that is intense working in that kind of heat for all those hours. I remember once on the farm on a hot day, I got dizzy as I was standing up. I ignored it and continued doing what I was doing and it went away. Actually, this sort of reminds me of a photo I saw of members of the Queen's Guard in England standing in a row. One of them had fainted and was lying on the ground while the others stood there, looking unfazed. I take it they were standing there for quite some time on what must have been a hot day.

By the way, has anyone here tried stilts for walking? I got to borrow some briefly once. They were fun and really easy to walk around in. Though with these particular ones, my feet were very low to the ground. I'd imagine the ones that have your feet considerably higher off the ground would be more challenging.

Here's an entertaining video of someone's first time on high stilts.


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I did have a go on stilts, but like you they were not very high off the ground Patrick.

My colleague that suffered the heat stroke, recovered OK, and I saw her today, she is fine, thanks everyone for your concern.

Got install 4 GPS's units into our vehicles today, much cooler day, much nicer 😉

Hate the heat and Humidity Sari, could not live in that. Daughter and grandkids live in Florida, so I can only visit them in Feb, that is when it is least humid and more temperate.

Linda, the pond looks great.

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Linda, both are in for repairs. LOL. it's been a frustrating month to be sure. The lens I mailed in for repairs. The grill, theoretically the part he needs to replace should be in today or tomorrow. It had a gas leak, which is why it kept catching on fire under the controls. Fortunately, the gas is shut off when we are not using the grill and it only seemed to ignite when I was relighting the grill. It could've been a lot worse.


Jeff, glad you didn't have any ill effects from the weather! I could totally see me getting heat exhaustion as well. Not used to heat and I don't drink a lot of water. Hopefully you're getting the cool down we are getting with the return of the marine layer this week. Since you're more inland, not sure if you get the benefit of all that.


Sari, spectacular storm footage. I have too many trees around our house to shoot anything like that.


I don't think I've ever played on stilts. I can juggle though. Not very well anymore since I'm out of practice.

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