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The Hummer Thread Vol.2!!!

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Last night, I caught a spider in my bathroom. One that is not very common. It's a fair size and is currently in a jar. I think it's likely a mygalomorph. Mygalomorphs are a group of primitive spiders that include trapdoor spiders, funnel web spiders and tarantulas. Apparently, these spiders have been around for millions of years. And they have some differences to modern spiders (in other words most other spiders.) They generally don't spin webs and have four book lungs as opposed to two. And their fangs point downwards in a V formation and can move up and down independently. By contrast, the fangs of modern spiders are arranged like pliers.

Though I have no idea about the species, genus or family of this particular spider that I captured in the bathroom. I'll photograph it soon and try and get it identified. 

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I just feel like they ripped my whole identity away with this. Ten years ago in June in submitted my first pics to SS, and that started me on the stock trail. There's absolutely NO incentive to u

I'm fine here, thankyou for asking. Penneshaw (where I am) is safe and unaffected. But this is an incredibly grim situation. It sounds like just about half of the island is on fire. Annie, I only hear

Looks like Ive just joined the .33c club. A $15.14 video sale pushed me over the line. Thank you all for the encouragement. Though I must admit it took me a long time to get there. 

Posted Images

There are forces brushing up for cyber attacks for the upcoming presidential election in November from what I've been hearing as well. Computer safety is a real concern unfortunately. I tend to let my husband worry about the security end of the computers since he's the expert.



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9 hours ago, Sari ONeal said:

Just imagine --

a scenario where things are getting weird (not exactly like in the movie Live Free or Die Hard, but along the lines of a wider cyber attack to wreck the infrastructure or parts of it) - now, when you add not being able to get information from your TV because it just went crazy - or worse - someone starting to stream content to it that's intended to misinform or terrorize you. Now you're essentially isolated from the actual information that you need! What are you gonna do?


So, didn't China just a few days ago get mad at Australia and threaten with "dire consequences"?  -- how far does one need to leap with one's imagination that they're testing out what they can reach through the network. It seems "harmless" as far as things return to normal fairly quickly, but underneath it could be a prep for something more sinister.

I hope Australian cyber security people can tackle it (with help from other nations) and block the access from the attackers.

Unfortunately in today's world most things are connected to the internet, and thus can be accessed by outsiders.

Also, the smart TVs (Samsung as well as others)  do communicate with other sources without you ever knowing about it. Some even sell your information. You might even want to isolate your smart TV on your router so it can't see your other devices on the network.

You can google "blocking smart tv with router"

or you can read through these





And yet, those won't help you with an incoming attack.


(And no, I'm not wearing a tinfoil hat!)


Thanks Sari! 

BTW, you are one of the most logical and down-to-earth people on here, so I am taking this seriously. And I can never imagine you with a tinfoil hat. lol. 


But, seeing we are going into the weird-probabilities area, and speaking of covid-19, I was watching a science program the other day and it talked about how viruses and other new biological matter can come to earth via comets and meteorites. I was surprised to learn that small meteorites hit Earth all the time. And when I did a google search, guess what?  A meteorite hit northern China in October 2019.

do-do-do-do. do-do-do-do


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5 hours ago, Milleflore Images said:

I was surprised to learn that small meteorites hit Earth all the time. And when I did a google search, guess what?  A meteorite hit northern China in October 2019

Uh oh! Who knows what it brought down with it? 😮 :P


And yeah, there are even people who hunt down meteorites, read about that a few years ago. It was interesting!

Also I appreciate the compliment, Annie! :)


Ruudeeh -- hmm... so you have a very special pet :P

Also, you can (or should be able to) isolate it from your other devices, and then you need to decide what all you are willing to give it access to as far as the "outside world" goes, and go from there.


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6 hours ago, Sheila Fitzgerald said:

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Wasnt too bad Sheila except I have been madly cleaning. I have company coming to stay for a few days. Restrictions are easing within the State now, though we still cant travel interstate.  Hope you had a good weened as well.

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Hey @Wendy Townrow when you're done cleaning there, come clean here please :D  I hate to clean.


Today is my husbands birthday so I'm making dinner and a cake for tonight. It's a warm day but fortunately we have an offshore breeze cooling it back down now.


Oh, and I picked up a brush for Sebastian. He doesn't quite know what to think about it other than he wants to eat it (he chews on everything of course).  He doesn't have long unruly hair (fortunately) but brushing is always a calming activity for dogs IMO, so I figured we should start getting him used to the process.

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Sheila, I hope the birthday celebrations go well.

Gosh, these $0.10c sales are ridiculous. At this rate, it's going to take forever to reach my next payout. It's going to be a super slow crawl, inching away little by little. If I was on my previous $0.33c rate, I would be so close to hitting the $35 mark right now. 

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8 hours ago, Patrick Cooper said:

Sheila, I hope the birthday celebrations go well.

Gosh, these $0.10c sales are ridiculous. At this rate, it's going to take forever to reach my next payout. It's going to be a super slow crawl, inching away little by little. If I was on my previous $0.33c rate, I would be so close to hitting the $35 mark right now. 

My average earnings per sub are $0.21 and I was on $0.25 before. So it's lower but not horrendously so. My main loss is on ODDs. Overall, I'm down about 25% on what it would have been under the old system. I'm just 15 downloads off moving up to level 3 so I'll be curious to see what difference, if any, that makes to my RPD.

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Sheila - our dogs love to be brushed, and especially dried with a towel after they come in from rain - LOL! Bob also likes to be vacuumed :P  - with a brush, of course, she sheds quite a lot.


I tried to shoot another Milky Way time lapse last night again, and OF COURSE about third of the way through dew started settling on the lens, and the rest of it is just a mess. Argh :(

I'm going to have to try different things to see what works best to keep the dew off. Suitable nights for shooting are few and far in between because you have to have a clear cloudless night with no moon.


My 10 year Shutterstock anniversary is today - not sure if that's good or bad? 😐  10 years from that first submission that got me tangled up in this thing.

Also, I sold my "best" selling video for the 100th time today, it was nice to see that as it's been stuck at 99 downloads for what seemed like forever.


Outside of that, we went about three weeks without rain and it started to get pretty dry and crunchy in the pasture. Then we got rain on three days in half an inch increments, which was awesome, because it let the water to soak in :)


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lol Sheila, I hate cleaning as well. There are lots of other things I would rather be doing.
I hope hubby had a good birthday.

Patrick I know what you are saying about next payout :(

Charles the dip in returns on the ODs and SODs is hard to take :(

Happy Anniversary Sari. Bummer on the time lapse being thwarted by dew :( Cool on getting rain.

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So I bought some crickets for this mygalomorph spider that I previously caught. When I gave it a cricket, it looked like it wanted nothing to do with it. The spider was backing away from it. When the cricket approached, the spider would raise it's front legs off the ground. avoiding physical contact. I left the room and came back later and found that the spider had the cricket in it's 'jaws.' It was feeding on it. That was a quick turn of events.

And tonight, I relocated the spider in an aquarium. I covered the bottom of the tank with leaves and placed a bit of wood in there for a shelter. I also poured a little water on one of the leaves. The spider explored a little bit before I lost sight of it among the leaves. It's the first pet Ive had in ages. 

Unfortunately, I can't take any decent photos of this arachnid at the moment due to me not being able to use my father's Canon FD 50mm macro lens. In order to use the macro lens, I need an adapter and my adapter was damaged during an accident. That very same adapter is stuck on one of my cameras and I'm unable to remove it. And when I turn on that camera, I get a lens error message. Ive ordered a new adapter and I'm hoping it gets here soon. 

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8 minutes ago, Patrick Cooper said:

When the cricket approached, the spider would raise it's front legs off the ground. avoiding physical contact

Haha, he was telling the cricket to stay away :D

They usually figure out pretty quick that it's food... and take care of it :P

Did you figure out what species it is? If not, try  https://www.reddit.com/r/spiders/

You will need a good pic of it, though, for ID purposes.


Here's a cute little Tan jumper that I rescued from the water trough a while back, he was also waving his fronts at his own reflection (of course I didn't catch the best part, they usually wave really hard to make the opponent go away, lol)



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Jumpers are so docile (as are most other spiders as well), if they don't run away from you and hide they will want to hang out. Yesterday I found an adult male Emerald jumping spider on a fence post, and I spent an entire hour with him. First he was scared of me and kept hiding behind the post. Then he figured out I wasn't going to eat him, and it kept running closer to me and getting a pic was impossible because he ran towards me way too fast. Then he started jumping onto my lens - every time I got to about focusing distance (very close), he'd jump onto my lens. So I had to keep picking him up and putting him back on the post. A few times he missed his jump and disappeared, and I just stood there trying to see him, afraid to move so I wouldn't squish him. One time he crawled out of my boot up my leg - LOL! He was SO very friendly. Finally I caught a fly for him and he grabbed it and started eating, at which point I left him alone. But yeah, playing with a spider an entire hour...LOL


Yeah, I got a 34 cent video sale today, too. Boo! 😡



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Sari oh indeed. This spider was not into the cricket at all initially. By contrast, when I was keeping a wolf spider a few years ago, it would lunge at crickets without hesitation.

Yea I still haven't been able to identify this spider yet. Though it probably is some kind of mygalomorph. Interesting link there with Reddit. I recognised a few of those spiders on there. One looked like a Lynx and another was clearly Nephila (Golden Orb Weaver.) 

No decent photos possible at the moment until I receive the adapter for the macro lens.

Cool footage of the jumper and funny seeing how it reacts to it's reflection. No surprise that jumpers have the best vision of all spiders. Once some researchers played some video footage of a jumper in front of another jumping spider with the screen at extremely close proximity. The jumper in the footage was making the courtship movements and the jumper in the real world responded with appropriate moves of it's own. 

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